13 Dec 2016

Home for the 2014 ITTF World Cadet Challenge, Barbados was the recent host for a Competition Managers Seminar for member associations of the Latin American Table Tennis Union.

Organised under the auspices of the ITTF Development Programme, Bridgetown, as two years ago, was the focal point with proceedings; the itinerary being conducted in the premises of the National Olympic Committee.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Led by Freddy Almendariz, the Chair of the Umpires and Referees Committee for the Latin American Table Tennis Union and Roman Ortega Montes, alias Moncho, the Development Manager, a total of ten students, seven men and three women, attended.

“At the beginning for the project I had my doubts but everyone responded; my thanks to the Barbados Table Tennis Association for the efforts they have made”, Freddy Almendariz (Course Conductor)

Freddy Almendariz conducts a session in Bridgetown (Photo: courtesy of Freddy Almendariz)

Notably there was a wide range of ages, Boggdan Barrientos from Guatemala, only 21 years old, was the youngest.

Certainly, he is making fast progress in the world officialdom. In order to qualify for the course participants had to be International Umpires or to have passed a Basic Umpires and Basic Referees Course; all were sent information some eight weeks prior to matters starting in order that detailed preparation could be completed.

“After this course I understand many things, the protocol and the duties. It is not easy work, it is a new challenge for me. I want to say thanks to Freddy and Ramon both of you did a good job”, Bob Roopnarine (Trinidad and Tobago, Technical Director for Caribbean Table Tennis Federation)

Ramon Ortega Montes (left) and Freddy Almendariz (right) with Steve Stoute (centre), Steve Stoute, the President of the Barbados Olympic Association (Photo: courtesy of Freddy Almendariz)

All participants were welcomed by Steve Stoute, the President of the Barbados Olympic Association who saw the course as a major opportunity to improve tournament organisation in the various regions of the continent.

He was duly thanked by Freddy Almendariz and Ramon Ortega Montes for his splendid efforts.

“Now I know how to organise an official competition, I will teach the people in my national association, it will not be easy but I know that I can do it. I am sure that if we will have better tournaments the playing level will increase”, Jack Tyrone (President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Table Tennis Association)

The headmaster, Ramon Ortega Montes, supervises progress (Photo: courtesy of Freddy Almendariz)

The course involved a clear understanding of the roles of the professional staff of the Latin American Table Tennis Union and the International Table Tennis Federation, as well as the websites that are in operation.

“My goal is be a good competition manager, and after this course I will try to practise in my country at local tournaments, I am sure I will improve. I started as player, after an umpire, then coach, basic referee and now competition manager, I am fulfilling my goals step by step”, Monica Mirantes (Mexico)

In addition such items as the use of Excel programs, draw procedure, group calculation and presentation of matches were included as were the required duties before and after competition.

Delighted students with certificates (front left) Ramon Ortega Montes) and (front right) Freddy Almendariz (Photo: courtesy of Freddy Almendariz)

All responded positively to the delight of Freddy Almendariz and Ramon Ortega Montes.

“I want start in my country and in the future work at an international tournament, I want to say thanks to Freddy and Moncho, they worked very hard starting nine weeks ago, all the time they were available to answer any question and everyone here could understand all the items in the agenda”, Boggdan Barrientos from Guatemala

The participants were: Jack Tyrone (St. Vincent and the Grenadines Table Tennis Association), Boggdan Barrientos (Guatemala), Mathew Dawson and Sandra Riette (Jamaica), Monica Miramontes (Mexico), David Villalta (El Salvador), Vasdev Roopnaire (Trinidad and Tobago), Ariel Guerrero (Belize), Samuel Urrutia (Panama) and Marguerita Felix (Barbados)

The premises of the Barbados Olympic Committee (Photo: courtesy of Freddy Almendariz)
High Performance and Development Freddy Almendariz Ramon Ortega Montes