09 Dec 2016

Present in the West African country of Sierra Leone, conducting an Olympic Solidarity supported Developing a National Sports Structure Course, the second part of which commenced on Sunday 27th November and is due to end on Saturday 17th December, the most recent task for Mohamed Gharib has been to try to organise long term agreements with his native Egypt.

Recently, at the initiative organised under the auspices of the ITTF Development Programme, a series of meetings with officials representing the Sierra Leone Table Tennis Association have been staged.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Mohamed Gharib held meetings with Emmanuel Lebbie, the Secretary-General of the Sierra Leone Table Tennis Association and with Maher Almahdy, the Egyptian Ambassador in Sierra Leone.

Extensive discussions, it was agreed to invite players from Sierra Leone to visit Egypt for a series of training sessions prior to the ITTF-African Senior Championships to be staged next year. Correspondence has been sent to the relevant personnel at the Sierra Leone Ministry of Sport.

Notably Emmanuel Lebbie and Maher Almahdy alongside Lakish Alie, the President of the Sierra Leone Table Tennis Association, Michael Shamsu, the Deputy Director of Sport and A.G. Koroma, the Administrative Secretary of the Olympic Committee visited the coaching sessions being conducted by Mohamed Gharib.

All were most impressed at the standard of play that had been achieved, especially the very young players, aged six to ten years of age who had only started playing table tennis less than one month ago.

Throughout the whole programme there has been extensive media coverage; the potential, as in all countries is present, the task is to find ways to harness that potential.

High Performance and Development Mohamed Gharib