10 Dec 2016

This spectacular rally between Ma Long and Li Ping in the men's singles round of 16 will give you goosebumps! Check out the Point of Day one.

By Neha Aggarwal

The Seamaster Qatar 2016 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals kicked off with some breathtaking matches and eye-catching points. Out of the many brilliant points played on day one, the point that gave the audience goosebumps was the one played between Ma Long (CHN) and Li Ping (QAT)  in the sixth game with score at 5:4 in favor of Ma Long in their round of 16 matches here in Doha, Qatar.

The point starts with Ma Long serving to Li Ping’s backhand, and then moves on to some quick topspin to topspin exchanges from both backhand and forehand side. Li Ping snatches the point away from Ma long by catching him off guard on his forehand.

Excited to watch?

Take a look below:

World Tour Grand Finals ma long Li Ping

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