07 Dec 2016

Named the Ibero-American Capital of Culture in 2006, once again the city of San José is the home for the Copa Costa Rica Para Open Championships.

Play commences in the Hatillo Sports City on Thursday 8th December and concludes on Saturday 10th December; once again welcoming everyone to the small Central American country will be Domingo Arguello.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Alongside Alexander Zamora he is the organiser for the tournament; that is the official line but I assure you that the 43 year old merits a title of much greater distinction.

Perhaps, it is a title that has yet to appear in the pages of the Oxford English Dictionary.

Domingo Arguello is the host, he welcomes everyone with open arms; meeting people, making them feel at home is one of his great strengths. Add the fact he is the Master of Ceremonies for the presentations and for the end of tournament party.

Furthermore, when the tournament has finished on Sunday 11th December, he will organise a sightseeing trip for visitors to see the splendours of the island and from a distance behold the local alligators.

Simply at the Copa Rica or whatever Para table tennis tournament is staged in the country, he is here there and everywhere; boundless energy. He sets and example, assume a positive approach and you will overcome difficulties and succeed.

In Costa Rica, Domingo Arguello is the modern day Ivor Montagu, the first President of the International Table Tennis Federation. He was the Referee for the first ever World Championships staged exactly 90 years ago this week; moreover he played in the tournament.

Now nine decades later, the name of Domingo Arguello appears on the entry list for the Copa Costa Rica; he is a Men’s Singles Class 6 player. He walks in famous footsteps.

Equally, the financing of the tournament and making the books balance is very much in the hands Domingo Arguello; in 1926 the personal loss for Ivor Montagu was £150; in today’s parlance about US$9,000!

Let’s hope for the sake of Domingo Arguello that is one factor in which he does not emulate Ivor Montagu!

A total of 51 men and 10 women have entered the Copa Costa Rica; the national associations represented are: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, Trinidad and Tobago and the United States.

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