06 Dec 2016

The latest round of the 2016 Chinese Women's Super League ended with the spotlight being on Ordos, on Feng Tianwei following her win against the Ding Ning, the reigning Olympic and World champion.

Aside from the victory against Ding Ning, Feng Tianwei has another reason to be happy as she can still represent Singapore in competitions.

By Henry Chen 

“The competition system of the Chinese Super League makes me feel nervous. The chance for upsets to happen is very huge.” Feng Tianwei

However, last Sunday 4th December, Feng Tianwei overcame such nervousness and became the highlight in the 14th round..

Feng Tianwei Ding Ning in a nerve-racking encounter (12-10, 13-15, 2-11, 11-7, 7-5).

As a former coach of the Singaporean Team, Zhou Shusen commended the success of Feng Tianwei. Definitely Feng Tianwei had some changes.

“Feng Tianwei met Wu Yang and Wen Jia a few days ago. She only got few points in each game. This afternoon, Feng Tianwei changed. She defeated Li Jiayuan and Ding Ning, winning two points.” Zhou Shusen

Feng Tianwei has played many times in the Chinese Super League. For her, winning in such competition has a very high degree of difficulty.

“The degree of difficulty in playing in the Super League is very big for me. The overall strength of the local players are really high”, Feng Tianwei

Last weekend, Feng Tianwei withstood the difficulty. Her success against the Olympic champion Ding Ning secured a victory for Ordos. More importantly it placed Ding Ning’s team, Beijing, in a dangerous position. Beijing is now in fifth place with nine wins and five losses.

Apart from her recent victory, Feng Tianwei has one more reason to be happy. She can still represent Singapore  in competitions.

“I am very happy that there is an opportunity to continue representing the Singapore in competitions. I am grateful for the support of the Singapore Table Tennis Association”, Feng Tianwei.

Feng Tianwei is scheduled to participate in this week’s Seamaster Qatar 2016 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals under the Singapore flag.

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