28 Nov 2016

On Saturday 26th November in front of a packed stadium of almost 18,000 people, Chinese table tennis star Xu Xin went down on his knees to pop the question to his long time girlfriend Yao Yan.

by Neha Aggarwal

Undoubtedly, Xu Xin possibly made one of the most enthralling decisions of his life. At Aska Yang 2016 VOCAL Tour in Shanghai’s Mercedes-Benz Arena, he proposed to his long time girlfriend Yao Yan with a ring, a bouquet of flowers and some beautiful, loving words.

The proposal

Xu Xin was invited to make a guest appearance at a concert by Aska Yang, a Taiwanese Mandopop singer. After his performance on stage, Xu Xin went down on his knees in front of his girlfriend Yao Yan and popped the question. He said:

“We have been in love for seven years, you have been beside me accompanying me in every moment throughout these best few years of your life, we laughed together, cried together, celebrated together and been through sad times together. So I think I should do something to make you satisfied. I hope we will spend the rest of our lives together as well, will you marry me?”

Mesmerized, shocked and happy beyond imagination, Yao Yan said “yes” with a delightfully approving smile.

Xu Xin then presented her the ring, and the couple hugged and kissed as the audience went “awww”

The other Chinese superstar present on the occasion was Ding Ning, who is best friends with Yao Yan. Ding Ning happily passed on a bouquet of red roses to Xu Xin who then gave it to Yao Yan.

Xu Xin and Yao Yan first met each other in the provincial team- Shanghai; their love for each other flourished and since then, they have been together. fAccording to Yao Yan, she admires Xu Xin’s charm, humour and respect for their coaches.

Yao Yan revealed that Ding Ning will be her bridesmaid for the wedding. The date of the wedding has yet been decided.

Who is Yao Yan?

Yao Yan is a former table tennis player who was part of the Chinese national team. She entered the Shanghai team in 2002 and in the year 2005 made her place in the Chinese National second team. In October 2006 she moved up the ladder and became a member of the Chinese National team.

Yao Yan won the 2006 ITTF World Junior Circuit Finals held in Vrsac, Serbia. She also participated in the 2007 and 2009 World Championships. She was crowned the winner of the 2009 East Asian Women’s Singles championship title.

She retired from international competition in 2012.

Certainly a big day for both the lovers. From the entire table tennis family, we wish the couple all the very best for their future!


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