15 Nov 2016

Bayi and Weiqiao, the two undefeated outfits in this year's Chinese Men's Super League, will meet on Saturday, 12th November; their ninth round clash is the most anticipated fixture of the whole season.

Notably Bayi will be led by Fan Zhendong; Ma Long, the Olympic and World champion, will head the while Shandong Weiqiao outfit.

By Henry Chen 

Eight consecutive wins, Bayi and Shandong Weiqiao top the league.

In the eighth round, the Bayi Team posted a comprehensive three-nil win against Anhui. Contributing to that powerful score was the 19-year old leader of the team, Fan Zhendong. He crushed Liu Ying in straight games (11-3, 11-1, 11-5).

Despite the score, Fan Zhendong still acknowledged the strength of his opponent.

“Liu Ying is a defensive player and his abilities are very strong. I am very happy to have achieved a victory”, Fan Zhendong

Additional to Fan Zhendong, Xu Chenhao also contributed a point after surviving a challenging match in the doubles with partner Zhou Yu. They beat Zhou Qihao and Wong Chun Ting in three games (8-11, 11-7, 8-6). Success but Xu Chenhao was only moderately satisfied with his efforts.

“I will continue to adjust my condition better and better.” Xu Chenhao

On that note, Fan Zhendong and company should certainly be preparing confidently for their next battle; a match in which. Ma Long is expected to play.

Based on current form, Fan Zhendong has the advantage. He has been consistent with his performances this season. He is the only player who has maintained an undefeated record so far. Ma Long was beaten by Liu Jikang earlier in the season.

It is worth noting also that the coach of Shandong Weiqiao earlier revealed that Ma Long was not in a very good condition. If Ma Long has successfully adjusted, then it will be put into test in the next round.

The ninth round of the competition; Weiqiao will be playing with the home advantage.

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