15 Nov 2016

The Bayi Team absolutely presents itself as a much stronger team in this season’s Chinese Super League. With their main players Fan Zhendong, Zhou Yu and Xu Chenhao, Wang Hao has high expectations for the team this year. Wang Hao acknowledges the good condition of his players and this is a very good opportunity for the whole team to achieve a better result than the previous season.

By Henry Chen

“The condition of Fan Zhendong and Zhou Yu is extremely good. It led the team to enhance its overall condition fast. That is the reason why we are able to maintain consecutive victories,” Wang Hao said.

Following his retirement from the Chinese National Team, Wang Hao became very involved with the Bayi Team as the new coach. This season, his team is in a powerful start posting six consecutive victories already.

In the latest round, Bayi sealed their third sweep win. Fan Zhendong, Zhou Yu and Xu Chenhao didn’t give their opponents from Tianjin much chances as they sealed the match to their favour in 3-0.

According to Wang Hao, the condition of his players plays a very important role in their performance as a team. This is being backed up by the individual ranking.

Fan Zhendong is currently the only player in the men’s division who is unbeaten. He is in the top spot with eight wins and zero loss. Zhou Yu is in fourth place boasting a record of nine wins and just one loss. Lastly, Xu Chenhao posts five wins and one loss.

With that record, Bayi enjoys the top spot as well in the team ranking. They are tied with Shandong Weiqiao with six straight wins.

The Bayi Team undoubtedly has the momentum and Wang Hao would want to take advantage of it. He revealed that their goal for this season is to have a better result than last year. Bayi finished second in last season’s competition.

“In the first season, we got the third place. In the second, we were the runner-up. We were one step away. This season, our goal is to fight for the championship title.” Wang Hao concluded.

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