27 Oct 2016

Winner of the Cadet Girls’ Singles title at the European Youth Championships in 2008 in Terni and 2009 in Prague is a performance that few have achieved; it gives Petrissa Solja a special place in the annals of table tennis.

Only Hungary’s Gabriella Wirth, Lithuania’s Jolanta Prusiene and Serbia’s Gordana Pekucin can match the feat, whilst only Romania’s Otilia Badescu can beat the record; remarkably she won on three occasions being successful in in 1983 in Malmö, before retaining the crown in Linz and Den Haag.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Otilia Badescu and Petrissa Solja are both similar and dissimilar; they are dissimilar in style with Otilia Badescu being a right handed close to the table attacking player who used short pimpled rubber on both sides of the racket.

Conversely, Petrissa Solja is a left handed top spin player who uses the reversed smooth rubber on each side of the blade.

The similarity is that both achieved at senior level; it is an achievement which an alarmingly high number of both Cadet Boys’ Singles and Cadet Girls’ Singles winners at the European Youth Championships have failed to attain.

Notably amongst many other accolades, Otilia Badescu won the Women’s Singles title at the European Youth Championships in 2003 in Courmayeur; more recently Petrissa Solja was a vital member of the German outfit that won the Women’s Team title at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Similar to Otilia Badescu, the 22 year old German has many more credits in her locker but what of Petrissa Solja the person?

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