15 Nov 2016

With a price of around one million dollars, Liu Shiwen represented the new Wuhan Anxin Team in this season's Chinese Super League. This makes Liu Shiwen one of the high-valued players this season. She admits that there is pressure. Last round, the team recorded their first defeat after Liu Shiwen lost to Mu Zi.

By Henry Chen

“There’s too much money. Whatever happens I need to demonstrate what is due,” Liu Shiwen said.

As one of the best players in the women’s division, Liu Shiwen is also one of the high-valued players in this season’s Chines Super League. News said that the Wuhan Anxin Team had to shell out around 1 million US dollars just to get Liu Shiwen into their team.

The amount is considered to be the biggest this season. Of course, Liu Shiwen feels the pressure.

The Anxin Team recorded a promising start this season. They victoriously sealed the first two rounds to their advantage. But in the third round, the team lost against Bayi despite the home-court advantage.

In that battle, Liu Shiwen lost to Mu Zi in the fourth match, leading to Anxin’s defeat (7-11, 11-4, 11-9, 3-11, 5-7).

After the match, Liu Shiwen’s confidence towards the capacity of her team remains firm. She said that it will not affect the future matches negatively.

“As for the competition, the result of one match doesn’t represent what will be the ultimate outcome in the end. What’s important is that each person in the team is gradually adjusting her condition. The more we battle, the more we get stronger.” Liu Shiwen said.

Liu Shiwen and company will be facing Beijing in the fourth round to take place Wednesday, 26th October.

At the start of this season, Liu Shiwen already said that they will do their best to win the championship title. She said that they will work hard to prepare for the succeeding rounds.

“We will not relax in the subsequent games. We will work hard to play better in each match.” Liu Shiwen concluded.

Liu Shiwen has already recored four wins and two losses. She is currently in the sixth place in the individual ranking. Meanwhile, Anxin is tied with Beijing and Luneng with two wins and one loss.

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