15 Nov 2016

Following two straight victories in the 2016 Chinese Super League, the Beijing Team failed to make it three-in-a-row. On Sunday 23rd October Ding Ning and company made some revisions in their line-up, placing their team captain in the doubles.

Unfortunately, the alteration did not work to their advantage. They were defeated in their own court against Shandong Qilu.

By Henry Chen 

“As for us, there was some pressure in the line-up,” Ding Ning said.

As the third round of the Women’s Chinese Super League took place, Ding Ning and the rest of the Beijing Team recorded their first loss this season. They were defeated three-one by Shandong Qilu.

In that round, Beijing took some revisions in their order. Ding Ning played in one singles match and in the doubles. She beat Wu Yang in the second match but lost the doubles with Li Jiayuan.

“I actually felt that we still had opportunities today in the doubles. However, we were not able to seize our chances in the second game well,” she added.

Meanwhile, instead of Ding Ning, it was Sheng Dandan who had the big responsibility from the team. She played in two singles matches against the main players of the opposing team: Wen Jia and Wu Yang. Sheng lost to Wen Jia in in straight games while she recorded a three -one defeat against Wu Yang.

According to Ding Ning, her teammate did her best in the battle. “Sheng Dandan has already played above her level.” 

Ding Ning, after the round, acknowledged the strength of their opponents. The team captain believed that in terms of strength, the opponents had the upper hand. Current standing would prove what Ding Ning said.

Shandong Qilu is undefeated with three victories. They are tied with the Bayi Team. Following them are Shandong Luneng, Beijing and the Anxin Team. These teams have posted two victories and one defeat respectively.

Ordos, Jilin and Shenzhen all have one win and two losses. The bottom teams are Shanxi and Sichuan. Both teams haven’t recorded a victory as yet.

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