20 Oct 2016

The Olympic Champion turns 28 today and celebrates the special day in the most generous way possible. 20th October will be a special day for Chinese table tennis enthusiasts as the Grand Slam Champion made a special announcement on his birthday, all for his fans and the sport that gave him that fandom!

By Neha Aggarwal

The legend delighted the entire table tennis community not only in China but all over the world on his special day.

Ma Long announced today on Facebook that as a mark of respect to his fans and the sport of table tennis, he will be donating table tennis equipment to 10 schools in China who love to play table tennis but lack the equipment to train professionally.

A true Libran, Ma Long believes in serving the community and giving back to the sport that he adores so much.

He said:

“My fans in China have been donating table tennis tables to schools in rural areas in my name since 2009 as my birthday present! For my birthday today, I hope more children in the future will enjoy table tennis and gain happiness like I did. I will be donating table tennis equipment to 10 schools in China who loves table tennis but lacks professional equipment.”

Reminiscing on the fabulous year 2016 was, Ma Long said that it has been a rewarding year for him and thanked all his fans for the wishes.

He admitted, “Ever since I first held a racket when I was 5, table tennis has been a source of happiness for the past 23 years for me, and that’s one motivation for me.”

Indeed, the sport became his passion and winning a habit for him.

They say that winners don’t do different things, they do things differently. That’s what defines Ma Long. He also announced that he will continue the birthday gifting tradition in the future as well!

And signing off he said:

“Happy birthday to myself, and let’s all move forward together in the future!”

Indeed, the future is to move together and Ma Long looks committed. His winning pose after winning the Rio Olympics defines him. He wants to use his influence to spread love and bring people together.

Happy Birthday Ma Long!

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