17 Oct 2016

The Italian Table Tennis Federation has a new President, after Renato Di Napoli received the majority of the vote from the election.

by Simon Daish

President for All

Born in Naples and a resident of Turin, Renato Di Napoli claimed a comfortable election victory gaining 51.5 per cent of the vote against his campaign rivals Bruno Di Folco and Alberto Vermiglio.

Following the announcement of his presidential win Di Napoli acknowledged his competitors and promised a brighter future ahead for Italian Table Tennis:

“I will be the president for all, and the people that know me know that this is not an empty cliche.” Di Napoli added, I want to thank Bruno Di Folco and Alberto Vermiglio, with whom we discussed in a very sporting manner through the comparisons of the programs. From tomorrow I will be available to all and I will be a president who will go into the company and the Regional Committees, to try to solve local problems.”

“I am grateful to my family and to the president Franco Sciannimanico, from whom I have learned a lot. This will still be another association and he knows it very well. I decided to change eight tenths of the directors, because it needed a new impetus and different skills. We have to look forward” – Renato Di Napoli (President of the Italian Table Tennis Federation).

Other Elected Members

Chaired by Gianfranco Rava (president of the Italian Timekeepers Federation), directors were also elected as follows: Giacomo Barbieri, Mario Gabba, Gianfranco Paglia, Luca Malucchi, Carlo Borella, Domenico Giordani, Sergio Pezzanera, Michela Brunelli, Marzia Bucca, and Enrico Rech Daldosso. Roberto Fulginiti was voted in as the Chairman of the Board of Auditors.

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