14 Oct 2016

Organised by the Suriname Table Tennis Federation, the 2016 Dutch Caribbean Championships were staged on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th October.

In addition to Suriname, teams from Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao took part; it was the fourth time that the tournament had been held.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Overall 80 players were present with the Anthony Nesty Sports Hall being the venue.

“The main reason for organizing this event is to enable young players to play a lot of table tennis”, explained Desiré Hooghart, Chair of the Suriname Table Tennis Federation.

Notable nine umpires travelled by road from Guyana to assist with the organization.

Roll of Honour

Under 11 Team: 1. Surinam ‘A’ 2. Curacao 3. Suriname ‘B’

Under 13 Team: 1. Aruba 2. Bonaire 3. Suriname

Under 15 Team: 1. Aruba 2. Curacao 3. Suriname

Under 18 Team: 1. Suriname ‘A’ 2. Suriname ‘B’ 3. Suriname ‘C’.

Open Class: 1. Aruba ‘A’ 2. Suriname 3, Aruba ‘B’

Under 11 Singles: 1. Lars Van Veenendal (Bonaire) 2. Bipat Shariq (Suriname) 3. Gyan Gangarampanday (Suriname)

Under 13 Singles: 1. Benny Chung (Curacao) 2. Almahir Nicolaas (Bonaire) 3. Robert Dicksen (Bonaire)

Under 13 Singles: 1. Jeandry Mathilda (Aruba) 2. Jean Cloude Hoek (Aruba) 3. Kono Abas (Suriname)

Under 18 Singles: 1. Adesh Jawahir (Suriname) 2. Shawn Tamrin (Suriname) 3. Mitchel Tamrin (Suriname)

Open Class: 1. Andy Gomes (Aruba) 2. Mario Bolo (Aruba) 3. Lin Shi Liang (Suriname)

Masters Class 1. Franklin Gomes (Aruba) 2. Court Ulhenkamp (Suriname) 3. Leong Franklin (Aruba)


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