13 Oct 2016

The Japanese teenager Miu Hirano was in cloud nine after she successfully clinched the Seamaster 2016 Women’s World Cup in Philadelphia last weekend. Such victory wrote a lot of firsts not just for the young Hirano but also for the Japanese Team. Although the victory was important for them, there is regret from the fact that there was no Chinese players on duty in the competition.

By Henry Chen 

“This is like a dream. I am extremely happy to win the title. I hope that I can get something for my family, coaches and friends back (in Japan),” Miu Hirano said.

Last weekend, Miu Hirano placed her name in the history books following her successful completion of the Seamaster 2016 Women’s World Cup. She was hailed as the first non-Chinese champion in the history of the tournament.

Of course, this victory is also an achievement for the Japanese Table Tennis Team.

“Her offence improved a lot. She played really well. As a substitute player in the Olympic Games, she was able to go to Rio and train there. We hope that this championship title can be an even bigger motivation for her to participate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.” Hoshino Ichiro, Japanese Table Tennis Association’s Executive Director said.

There was no question that the 16-year old got her success due to her impeccable skills and remarkable confidence. In all fairness, she, who was seeded fifth, overcame much higher ranking players in the competition. She defeated the top seed Feng Tianwei, the second seed Cheng I Ching and her teammate Mima Ito.

However, accounting the absence of the Chinese players make the new coach of the Japanese Women’s Team feel some regrets.

“Its a little regretful that those good players from China did not participate. However, this championship title is still meaningful.”

Mima Ito also sent her greeting to her teammate Miu Hirano: “Congratualtions to you for winning the World Cup title. Very strong. I can only say that you are very strong. Congratulations!”

What’s next for Miu Hirano? It is the 2016 Chinese Super League!

“I am extremely happy to get the World Cup title. I am thankful for everyone’s support and hope that I can bring this condition to cheer me up into the Chinese Super League.” Miu Hirano wrote in her Twitter after her victory.

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