01 Oct 2016

A two-day Tournament Organisation Course completed on Monday 26th September, next on the agenda for Malaysia’s Cyril Sen, on his visit to Sri Lanka, was a Basic Umpires Course.

Once again the venue was the Otters Aquatic Club in Colombo and once again the itinerary lasted two days; proceedings commencing on Tuesday 27th September.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

A total of 19 students attended, 17 male and two female representing six of the 21 districts of Sri Lanka.

“Of the 16 Sri Lankan International Umpires, it was encouraging to see two of them participate in the course”, said Cyril Sen. “All the other participants are recent converts to umpiring, or coaches who want to improve their knowledge of the rules.”

An intense course with a result that pleased Cyril Sen.

“Notably, of the 17 candidates who sat the exam, seven passed”, enthused Cyrin Sen. “This augurs well for the establishment of a pool of umpires who can now form the spark to encourage more people to take up umpiring as well as to help develop the knowledge and skills of the umpire group in Sri Lanka.”

Two courses completed, next of the itinerary was a Basic Referees Course held on Thursday 29th and Sunday 30th September.

All members of the immediate preceding course, at total of 15 students attended, 12 men and three women.

“Jonat, one of the two international umpires who attended the Basic Umpires and Basic Referees Courses expressed his satisfaction, saying that he believes that 70 per cent of what he knows now has come from these courses”, explained Cyril Sen, his efforts clearly being appreciated by all with theory and practical sessions integrated.

“Other participants also expressed their satisfaction and gratitude to the Table Tennis Association of Sri Lanka, for having organised these courses thereby giving them the opportunity to increase their knowledge”, concluded Cyril Sen.

Proceeding came to an end with certificates being duly presented.

J. A. Y. S. Jayakody (left) the most successful candidate, receives his award from (right) Cyril Sen (Photo: courtesy of Cyril Sen)
High Performance and Development Cyril Sen