30 Sep 2016

The 2016 Chinese National Championships ended with a victorious Zhu Yuling after the 21-year old player from Sichuan sealed the Women's Singles title. It was already her third consecutive win in such competition and the first in the Chinese domestic scene. Her coach wishes her to continue to improve herself and enhance her confidence for a much bigger goal.

By Henry Chen 

“Brother Qiu, let us continue to create miracles.” Zhu Yuling said after she secured the Women’s Singles title in the 2016 Chinese National Championships.

Zhu Yuling defeated the defensive player Wu Yang in four straight games, 11-5, 11-9, 11-6, 11-4 in the Singles final round last Wednesday 28th September.

Zhu Yuling’s victory in the competition was not just an ordinary win. It also established a new record in the history of China’s domestic table tennis scene. Zhu Yuling just became the first ever female player to have won the Singles title in three consecutive times.

Zhu Yuling hopes that she can achieve better results in the international circuit as well.

“I hope that I will get motivated and get good results in the future international competitions,” she said.

The 21-year old from Sichuan has evidently improved in her skills as a table tennis player. According to her, she could not have achieved such advancement in her craft if not for her coach Qiu Yike. Therefore, she is very grateful for the guidance.

“He always shared to me his learnings from his mistakes whenever I meet some difficulties. It helps me not to make any detours,” said Zhu Yuling.

As a coach of the Sichuan Women’s Team, Qiu Yike would definitely want to have his players participate in the biggest competition stage, the Olympic Games. Zhu Yuling is currently the most qualified player from his team.

“Now is a very important moment for Zhu Yuling. Every major competition is a good exercise. If she wants to become a main player in the Tokyo Olympic Games, Zhu Yuling needs to constantly improve herself.” Qiu Yike said.

The coach also gave importance on the building of confidence. After winning the Chinese National Championships for three consecutive times, Zhu Yuling has certainly strengthened her confidence.

“This confidence is very vital for her in establishing new heights in her career in this new Olympic cycle,” the coach concluded.

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