06 Oct 2016

Competition inherent but promoting harmony and creating friendships is also an integral part in the concept of the Youth Olympic Games.

Most certainly that goal has been achieved. Both Blue Badge Umpires, Singapore’s Tan Yin Loo and Malaysia’s Amanda Leong met at the inaugural edition staged in Singapore in 2010; on Saturday 1st October they will marry.

by Ronald Wee, Chair ITTF Umpires and Referees Committee

Some time ago, Amanda worked and lived in Negri Sembilan (northern Malaysia), while Yin Loo was based in Singapore. No distance could stop them from fulfilling their weekend dates. In order to spend time with one another, Yin Loo travelled to Negri Sembilan (up to five hours by bus) for Amanda.

Amanda eventually relocated to Johor Bahru (just north of Singapore) to be nearer to Yin Loo. They continued to look forward to their weekend dates; Yin Loo travelled less than an hour to meet her.

As fate would have it, they could finally be together on the same land, when Amanda found a job with the Singapore Table Tennis Association. She was able to reside in Singapore.

Every relationship comes with its challenges and hurdles. Despite them all, they have both persevered, made sacrifices and compromised.

Amanda gave up her teaching career to be with Yin Loo. On the other hand, he has risked career advancement opportunities for her.

Finally, after six amazing years together, they have decided to take the next step and tie the knot.

Here, we have witnessed our first Youth Olympic Games table tennis umpiring couple!

Congratulations, we wish them a blissful marriage ahead!

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