21 Sep 2016

The Japanese Table Tennis star Ai Fukuhara is once again in the headlines today after she, together with her husband Chiang Hung Chieh, confirmed their marriage in a press conference. Chiang was dashing in his formal suit while Fukuhara looked lovely in her kimono. In the press conference, both shared their plans in the future as a couple and their wedding rings as well.

By Henry Chen 

Ai Fukuhara in a traditional Japanese kimono during the press conference today. (Photo from Fukuhara’s Weibo)


Ai Fukuhara surprised her fans and the whole table tennis community when she announced her relationship with Chinese Taipei’s Chiang Hung Chieh before the Olympic Games. At the same time, they also announced to the public that they already have wedding plans soon.

However, their plan to get their relationship into a higher level did not go as smoothly as they wanted. They were tested after Japanese media reported that some officials of the Japanese Table Tennis Association are against Ai Fukuhara’s relationship. Reports said that Chiang Huing Chieh is not at par with the Japanese player.

Despite those rumours, the couple were reported to have applied their marriage license in Tokyo several weeks after the applause and the cheer died down in Rio de Janeiro.

Today, Ai Fukuhara and Chiang Hung Chieh formally confirmed in a press conference that they got married last September 1 in the capital city of Japan.

Ai Fukuhara’s flashing wedding ring which was designed by her husband. (Photo from Sina Sports)

“It (ring) represents that Ai is my one and only,” Chiang said.

He explained that he personally designed the ring to be unique. It was reported that the ring had a pattern that depicts table tennis.

Both of the couple assured their fans that they will continue with their athletic careers. Ai Fukuhara is expected to defend the Japanese Team in the next 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

“Thank you everyone for the blessings. We will encourage each other and cheer together,” said Ai Fukuhara.

Chiang Hung Chieh said:

“I will support Ai Fukuhara so that she can play better and stronger. I feel comfortable and warm when we are together.”

Congratulations and more power to the newlyweds!

Photo from Fukuhara’s Weibo
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