20 Sep 2016

Ma Long, Zhang Jike, Ding Ning, Liu Shiwen, and other members of the Chinese National Team will not be having enough rest after the recently concluded 2016 ITTF World Tour SheSays China Open. Just after two days since the competition in Chengdu, the world’s best players in table tennis will be in another city for the Chinese National Championships which starts today.

By Henry Chen

Set on the 20th of September, the 2016 Chinese National Championships will be staged in Anshan, China. This is a domestic tournament but the level of competition required from the players is high. After all, members of the Chinese National Team will be on duty defending their respective provincial teams.

This annual competition will be welcoming around 300 athletes representing 30 teams this year. It will also have seven events which is composed of the Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles, and the Team competition, lasting until the 28th.

Last year, Xu Xin won the Men’s Singles title after beating Zhang Jike in the finals. Xu Xin’s Shanghai Team also secured the Men’s Team title.

Xu Xin would probably want to redeem himself in this year’s Chinese National Championships following his unexpected defeat from Wong Chun Ting in the China Open Men’s Singles quarterfinals.

Xu Xin in the Men’s Singles quarterfinals of the 2016 China Open. (Photo by ITTFWorld)


During the China Open last week, Ma Long, the runner up in the Men’s Singles, already confirmed his participation in the Chinese National Championships. Aside from that, he also revealed that he will be playing in the Chinese Super League some time next month.

“I have to attend the Chinese National Championships next week. Next month will be the start of the Chinese Super League. I just have to find time to rest,” Ma Long said.

Ma Long has been in a hectic schedule ever since he and the rest of the Chinese contingent to the Rio Olympic Games returned to China. The Grand Slam champion attended a series of events and competed last week for the China Open. He hopes to focus again on his athletic career.

“There was a series of activities recently. Through this competition, I have to invest again in my life as an athlete. There will also be competitions soon. Athletes should overcome the difficulties,” Ma Long concluded.


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