19 Sep 2016

The Swedish Table Tennis Association seeks to appoint two National Team Coaches.

One National Team Coach to be responsible for female senior, junior and cadet players and one to responsible for senior male players.

by Mikael Peterson, Secretary General, The Swedish Table Tennis Association

Swedish table tennis has a long lasting tradition. We are currently in the middle of an exciting period of sporting successes, an increase in the number of our members and our finances are very sound. We have new sponsors who, like us, see many opportunities for the future.

Are you interested in joining us on this journey?

Raising level

We are looking for two National Team Coaches who will participate in lifting Swedish table tennis to an even higher level.  One of the National Team Coaches will be responsible for the men’s aspect, while the other Captain will be responsible for the women’s aspect, encompassing the junior to the cadet ages of females.

You will have a central part in the development  of Swedish table tennis, especially when it comes to the World Championships in Halmstad, Sweden, in 2018, which is going to be a significant and unique “showpiece” for our sport.

The positions will make demands on the development-oriented and structural work involved in achieving our set aims. You will be working in close cooperation with other work colleagues within the Swedish Association.

Qualifications required

We are looking for people who are natural leaders, who can take on responsibility while, at the same time, are able to work in groups with colleagues from the Swedish Team and Club Trainers.

As a National Coach, your work duties will be many and varied. We assume that you have documents to support your experience as a leader/trainer on a national team level.

 You must be accustomed to working with thorough long-term planning and to having had experience with planning and budgeting. Being successful in the role of National Team Coach requires a very good ability to collaborate and communicate in a clear and respectful manner both verbally and in writing.

The positions

The appointments involve a four year contract with an evaluation after two years and the possibility for either party to terminate the contract at that time.

The position of National Team Coach involves the planning of activities together with the National Team Coordinator. It also entails attending on-going meetings with various National Team Leaders and the network that you will have in Swedish Table Tennis.

The position

Among other items, the position involves:

……….running current activities of the National Team and working with the development of players.

……….being responsible for training camps, international competitions and international matches

……….taking on the responsibility of admissions manager

……….staying in contact with the home trainers of national team players and making frequent visits to clubs

……….ensuring that ambitious coaches are given the opportunity to develop themselves by participating in duties on the national team level

……….you must follow the structures of Association meetings and report to the Secretary General of the Association

Closing date for applications

Applications, with curriculum vitae attached, are to be submitted no later than Monday 10th October 2016.

Replies and further information

Information about the positions can be obtained from:

Mikael Peterson, Secretary General,

The Swedish Table Tennis Association

Tel:  +46  8  562  78  130, 

Email: [email protected]

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