15 Sep 2016

A constituent part of the second element of a six months Olympic Solidarity Developing a National Sports Structure in Jamaica; organized under the auspices of the ITTF Development Programme, an ITTF/PTT Level One Course was staged from Monday 8th to Friday 12th August.

Home for the course was the country’s capital city of Kingston; the course conductor was Christian Lillieroos from the United States.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Notably it was the third such course to be staged this year in the island and the second in Kingston. Venue for the proceedings was the Excelsior High school.

School motivated

“The school has a Table Tennis team and Table Tennis Jamaica has their regular national team training there”, said Christian Lillieroos. “The school also hosted last year’s Table Tennis Classic, an annual tournament with 194 entries.”

Impressively, the first course had been sold out with 36 students; the course attracted 20 students with Course Conductor Training being added to the itinerary as eight members had already attended an ITTF/PTT Level One Course.


Understanding Paralympic play a demonstration by Christian Lillieroos (Photo: courtesy of Christian Lillieroos)

Seven day process

“To be a Level One Course Conductor is a seven day process, where the first five days comprise taking part in a regular ITTF PTT Level One course, after that you have two days of Course Conductor Training”, explained Christian Lillieroos. “The eight that took part were co-conductors and helped out in the course; this gave the course very high quality, instead of normally having one conductor, you actually had nine conductors, thus the remaining 12 coaches received a great deal of personal attention.”

Thus a higher level of attention could be paid to each student.


“The co-conductors were three Level Three coaches Stephen Grant, Samuel Lamont, and Sandra Riettie; three Level Two coaches, Morine Dawson, Matthew Dawson and Donald Salmon plus two specially selected Level One coaches from the June Level One course in Kingston, Sean Wallace and Konata Beluchi”, continued  Christian Lillieroos. “Jamaica has programmed three coaching courses this year intended for the new conductors.”

Understandably, the outcome was most encouraging.

“Everyone passed the practical test and the course, an extremely rare occurrence; credit goes to the eight co-conductors.”, added Christian Lillieroos. “The best in class award went to Nicole Crooks who does not have much experience with Table Tennis but with a very enthusiastic attitude did an excellent job; she gained a perfect score in the practical test.”


An explanation from Christian Lillieroos on the uses of wheelchairs (Photo: courtesy of Christian Lillieroos)

Another perfect score

Furthermore in the scale of excellence, there was one other notable name.

“Kemar Thorpe was the assistant coach in the practical test to Nicole and also scored a perfect score; it is the first time in any of my ITTF courses that a pair both gained a perfect score”, said Christian Lillieroos. “Notably, they went out first which is traditionally a very difficult position to be in and despite that they both had a perfect score, a phenomenal result.”

Both Nicole Crooks and Kemar Thorpe caught the eye as did one further student.

Maxeline Knuckle

“Another person worth mentioning was Maxeline Knuckle”, concluded Christian Lillieroos. “It was her third ITTF coaching course and this time she passed with flying colors; it is a testament to consistency and commitment.

A most commendable attitude; it is one that bodes well for the island. Step by step Jamaica moves forward.


Practical session in progress with the accent on Paralympic play (Photo: courtesy of Christian Lillieroos)


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