06 Sep 2016

On 3rd September 2016, people of city of Iwata in Japan came together to celebrate the success of two athletes who made them proud at the recently concluded Rio Olympic Games: Mima Ito and Jun Mizutani.

By Neha Aggarwal

The Olympic Games have concluded but the celebration still continue. The city of Iwata, located in western part of Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan, is the hometown of Jun Mizutani and Mima Ito. About 31,000 citizens gathered together to honor and bless Japanese stars as they paraded around the city in a pink open car.

Mima Ito: Youngest Olympic medalist in Table Tennis

15-year old Mima Ito, the youngest table tennis athlete to win an Olympic medal, was ecstatic as she celebrated her Olympic success with the people of her hometown. Her Women’s Team Bronze medal sparkled bright around her neck as she waved to the crowd.

“I am looking forward to the Tokyo Olympics where I want to receive a better color medal” said the hopeful Mima.

Mizutani: Architect of Japan’s Silver medal

Jun Mizutani, who won the bronze medal in the Men’s singles event and was the architect of Japan’s historic Silver medal in the Men’s team event was undoubtedly the star attraction.

The 27-year old Mizutani, who showcased his medals with a big bright smile, rejoiced, “With each passing day I feel amazing that I won medals for Japan at the Olympic Games.”

The parade for Jun Mizutani and Mima Ito (Photo courtesy: Etsuko Enami)


The city of Iwata was shining bright with the Olympic medals of Mizutani and Ito, the smiles on their faces and the blessings bestowed on them by the residents of the city.

Looking forward, Mizutani, the oldest member and Ito, the youngest member of the Japanese National team for 2016 Rio Olympics have a mission to achieve in the next 4 years – to break the Chinese domination and bring home a gold as Japan prepares for 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

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