04 Sep 2016

A legacy of the 2015 Pan American Games, a training camp for women was staged recently in Markham, Toronto; the venue for the prestigious multi-sport event just over one year ago.

Organised under the direction of the ITTF Development Programme, in liaison with the North America Table Tennis Union, the venue for the whole proceedings was the National Training Centre located in the Markham Panam Sport Centre.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Under the direction of the host nation’s Pradeeban Peter-Paul, proceedings were organised in two stages.


The first period was from Sunday 7th to Friday 12th August followed by a short break with the second session being from Monday 15th to Saturday 20th August.

“The camp gave me and other coaches the opportunity to observe and evaluate the players’ level and their commitment to the sport. The overall level of intensity of the training was excellent. It was also a great opportunity to pass on some of the knowledge to the players, especially to those players living in remote areas so that they can continue to practise at high-level.” Pradeeban Peter-Paul

Feeling of togetherness

Players from Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and Alberta participated in the camp. Overall a total of 28 players attended including 10 girls from Canada plus three training partners from Austria.

“There were social activities to get to know players such as going to the movies, visiting CN Tower and eating pizza! It was also a good opportunity for our players to get exposure to International players, which is important. I’m very optimistic about Canada’s future in table tennis after this camp.” Pradeeban Peter-Paul

Notably, three sessions per day were held; they included physical training with technical aspects being on footwork, counter topspin and service return.






High Performance and Development Pradeeban Peter-Paul