02 Sep 2016

The Rio Olympic Games marked another victorious expedition for the Chinese Team after they completed a clean sweep of all gold medals in the competition. It proves that they are still the number one team in the sport and their achievements are still unparalleled. Now that their efforts have paid off, the champions enjoy their free time with their fans in Hong Kong and Macao.

By Henry Chen 

Four years ago, Ma Long had to settle with just being the Olympic third member of the Chinese Team. He was only able to display his impressive talent in the Olympic Games Men’s Team event. Four years later, he found his stage in the Rio Olympic Games.

Through hard work, he achieved his dream of being the Olympic champion and completed his Grand Slam feat.

Now, after his successful mission in Rio, Ma Long loosens up and enjoys his time away from the table and closer with his fans in an interactive event held in Hong Kong and Macao.

Last August 31, Ma Long posted in his Facebook account a video of him singing a popular Jay Chou song. Should he just stick to table tennis?

Meanwhile, Zhang Jike, the silver medallist in the Rio Olympic Men’s Singles event is relatively low-key. After all, he once had the spotlight and the glamour four years ago.

Wait, is Zhang Jike thinking of giving table tennis lessons? What do you think about this idea?

Yesterday, Liu Shiwen posted in her Weibo account saying that the event has ended and they will be going back to Beijing.

Liu Shiwen with head coach Liu Guoliang (Photo from Liu Shiwen’s Weibo)


Chinese Women’s Team with Liu Guoliang. (Photo from Liu Shiwen’s Weibo)

The team will be having a brief adjustment once they get back to Beijing, then after which, they will resume with the daily training. Ma Long, Ding Ning, Zhang Jike, Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen are expected to participate in the upcoming China Open scheduled from Wednesday 14th September to Sunday 18th September in Chengdu.

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