01 Sep 2016

Cusco, Huancayo and Chiclayo were the recent homes for ITTF/PTT Level One Courses in the South American country of Peru.

Motivated by the ITTF Development Programme, the avowed aim of Antonio Gomez, the President of the Peru Table Tennis Federation, is to increase the number of coaches in the country.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

The course conductor was Rafael Armendariz for the extremely intense itinerary; five days in each town, six hours per day. In total a quite staggering 90 hours was completed.

Five intense days of classes, six hours per day in each course and venue for successfully completing those courses.


Located in south east Peru, declared the “Historical Capital”, the ancient capital of the Inca Empire. It was declared “World Heritage ” by UNESCO in 1983 and is the gateway to the famous “Sanctuary of Machu Pichu”.

“Everyone worked enthusiastically, showing a great interest in both the theory and practical sessions; also they overcame the cold and the high altitude”, said Rafael Armendariz. “A total of 10 coaches were present, nine residents in Cusco, one being from Iquique in Chile; three women were present.”

Former player 19 year old Fiorella Alarcon was delighted.

“I am very happy to have taken this course, now I have more technical and educational ways to teach this wonderful sport to the kids”, she said.


Known as the “incontrovertible” for its scenery, history and crafts; Huncayo is located 300 kilometers east of Lima, the capital in magnificent mountain scenery; the colonial atmosphere and fine dining characterizes the city.

Overall six men and one woman attended.

“I am so happy with the course, it was always complicated for me for explain the right way for make a forehand topspin but now I have a much simpler way to teach the stroke.”


The final stop on the tour, Chiclayo the “City of Friendship” being a meeting point cyclists, provided a very different atmosphere for Rafael Armendariz being at sea level.

Located some 700 kilometres north of Lima and close to sea, fresh breezes mopped the brow.

A total of 12 students, all male, attended the course.

Several young hopefuls were in this course including: Ivan Herrera one of the most vivacious and enthusiastic attendees of the course, said ” I liked many things in this course, but the issue of Para Table Tennis really struck me”, said Ivan Herrera one of the most outgoing and enthusiastic course members.

The topics

Dedicated to the task, Rafael Armendariz covered a wide range of subject matter, from basic techniques to rules, nutrition and physical training.

“A further six more courses are planned for the year”, concluded Rafael Armendariz. “The goal is to increase both the quality and quantity of coaches in Peru who will work in different cities and regions of the country; also we are pleased to welcome coaches from neighbouring countries.”

Firm foundations are being laid; Peru can now move forward.

High Performance and Development Rafael Armendariz