30 Aug 2016

The Rio Olympic Games did not just identify the best players we have right now in table tennis, it also gave us a glimpse of the personal lives of our favourite athletes. One of them is the Olympic third person of the Chinese Men's Team, Xu Xin. After successfully completing the Olympic Men's Team event, Xu Xin officially introduced his girlfriend to the world.

By Henry Chen

We have witnessed another convincing victory from the Chinese Team in the recently concluded Rio Olympic Games. The last event in the competition showed China overcoming a challenging final bout against Japan.

It was not just a celebration that we saw. We also found out more about Xu Xin’s personal life.

After the medal ceremony, Xu Xin shared his happiness and pride with his girlfriend through a warm hug and a kiss, a scene that is not very common to witness from Chinese athletes.

Screenshot of Xu Xin & Yao Yan from a video posted in Sina Sports.
Screenshot of Xu Xin & Yao Yan from a video posted by Sina Sports. (Check the video here)

The woman who was recognised to be the girlfriend of Xu Xin is Yao Yan. She was once a member of the Chinese National Table Tennis Team and played in several international competitions.

Yao Yan won the 2006 ITTF World Junior Circuit Finals held in Vrsac, Serbia. She also participated in the 2007 and 2009 World Championships. She also won the 2009 East Asian Women’s Singles championship title. Yao Yan’s last appearance in the international arena was in 2012.

Yao Yan first met Xu Xin in the provincial team, Shanghai. It is there were their relationship started and blossomed. According to Yao Yan, charm, humour and respect to their coaches were just few of the admirable things from Xu Xin.

Their relationship has been steady for seven years and both of them see their future together.

“I will definitely say it if I will get married. I have this goal but I haven’t decided yet now,” said Xu Xin.

Xu Xin and Yao Yan’s romantic involvement has been an open secret among their circle of friends but still managed to keep their relationship relatively private from the media. They were successful in it. Now their relationship is in the open and both of them must feel quite relieved.

Xu Xin & Yao Yan enjoying their time back in Beijing. (Photo from Sina Sports)
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