Announcement on 06-APR-2020: Home of Table Tennis Tender Process deadlines extended until COVID-19 Situation Improves

In light of the significant disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Executive Committee has decided to extend the tender process deadlines of the Home of Table Tennis until further notice.

This decision was made considering candidate cities not being able to organise resources efficiently to complete the necessary bid documents.

“We had received requests from several candidate cities for an extension of the deadline to submit the initial bid documentation, which was due 15 April 2020,” said Steve Dainton, ITTF CEO. “The tender process for the Home of Table Tennis is a rigorous one that requires these cities to detail their plans on finances and operations and macroenvironment profile, among other things. It would be neither practicable nor in the interest of table tennis to continue with the original timeline amidst this period of uncertainty, where resources should be prioritised to ensure the public health and safety. The ITTF will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and looks forward to confirming the new deadlines of the tender process when the situation stabilises adequately.”

The expression of interest to host the Home of Table Tennis remains open. Cities that are not already in the participating in the tender process but are interested to do so may submit the relevant details at to get started.

As the new global Headquarters of the ITTF, the Home of Table Tennis is envisioned to house the ITTF’s corporate office and other facilities, such as a training venue, high-performance laboratory, equipment research centre, visitor interactive experiences, retail, and fitness studio.

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Expression of Interest to become the Global Home of Table Tennis

(For updated information on the process, please refer to the article above)

The International Table Tennis Federation, the world governing body for our sport, is looking for its future Home.

The future Global Home of Table Tennis aims to concentrate the ITTF’s Headquarters, Training Centre and High-Performance & Development base, as well as a laboratory for research and investigation.

ITTF has issued a Tender Guide which provides details on the tender process and how you can submit your bid to host the Global Home of Table Tennis. You can access the Tender Guide below:

ITTF Home of Table Tennis – Request for Proposal (Pages)ITTF Home of Table Tennis – Request for Proposal (Spreads)

If you wish to submit a bid, you must submit a completed Expression of Interest form below.

In addition to the Disclaimer on Page 90 and its other rights under the Tender Guide, ITTF reserves its unconditional right to modify or withdraw the Tender Guide at any time or to undertake a modified or additional Tender Process.

(For those cities that have already expressed their interest in the preliminary process, there is no requirement to complete another expression of interest and the documentation will be sent on 15th January 2020).

  • A hardcopy of Tender Guide will be mailed to the postal address below.
  • Hosting Criteria

    For details for the hosting requirements will be detailed in documentation to be released on 15th January 2020.