28 May 2024

For leading names another step along the road in preparation for Paris.

Places in the forthcoming Paris 2024 Paralympic Games secured, Cheng Ming-Chih and Chen Po-Yen, alongside Tian Shiau-Wen and Lin Tzu-Yu head the host association’s hopes at the forthcoming 2024 ITTF Taipei City Para Open.

A factor 20 tournament for World ranking points, staged over a four-day period, play commences on Wednesday 29th May.

Top of the order is Cheng Ming-Chih; in the past five months he has provided a clear indication that he is a favourite for a medal in Paris, competing in men’s singles class 5 the record reads three appearances, three titles.

In January he won in the United States, later in the year in April he succeeded in both Italy and Spain.

Impressive, not far behind are the results gained by Chen Po-Yen, a class 11 athlete; similar to Cheng-Chih, he claimed the top prize in the United States, later he succeeded in Poland, having in Brazil concluded matters a silver medallist.

Equally impressive, on duty in women’s singles class 10, Tian Shiau-Wen and Lin Tzu-Yu contested the United States final, the former victorious.

Later, Tian Shiau-Wen won in Spain, having been the runner up in Brazil; Lin Tzu-Yu was a silver medallist in Italy.

Success apart, also they have enjoyed success together; they secured women’s doubles titles in Italy, Spain, Poland and Slovenia.

Medals a distinct possibility but there is formidable opposition, especially for Chen Po-Yen in men’s singles class 11; both Hungary’s Peter Palos and Australia’s Samuel von Einem compete.

Gold medallist at the London 2012 Paralympic Games and more recently in Tokyo, this year has not been paved with gold; on duty in Egypt and Spain, he concluded proceedings a bronze medallist.

Rather differently, Samuel von Einem, silver medallist at the two most recent Paralympic Games, struck gold earlier this month in Slovenia.

Both Peter Palos and Samuel von Einem have booked their Paris places as in the men’s singles have Australia’s Ma Lin and Spain’s Ander Cepas.

Both are listed on the Chinese Taipei City entry list; both compete in men’s singles class 9. Moreover, in recent times both have made their present felt. Ander Cepas was a silver medallist in Egypt, the same colour medal as gained by Ma Lin in Italy, Montenegro and Slovenia.

Notably, on each occasion, in the final, Ma Lin was beaten by Belgium’s Laurens Devos, the reigning Paralympic Games, World champion and European champion.

Similarly in the women’s singles there are formidable names scheduled to compete who are Paris bound and have enjoyed success this year.

Japan’s Kanami Furukawa leads the list; in January she won women’s singles class 11 in Egypt, before following suit in Italy and Spain.

Also, competing in Chinese Taipei city; Slovakia’s Alena Kanova, gold medallist at the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games, and Australia’s Melissa Tapper emerged winners. Alena Kanova prevailed in class 3, Australia’s Melissa Tapper in class 9-10.

Not to be overshadowed, on duty in Chinese Taipei city, Italy’s Giada Rossi, the reigning World champion secured the class 2 title in both Egypt and Slovenia.

Overall, 79 men and 35 women, representing 19 member associations compete in Taipei City, the men’s singles and women’s singles events commence proceedings.

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