28 Feb 2024

The ITTF Summit 2024 concluded today, February 27, with the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Held in conjunction with the ITTF World Championships Finals 2024, the summit brought together key stakeholders and visionaries from the global table tennis community.

At the AGM, member associations received comprehensive updates from all three entities, including insights into the upcoming Paris 2024 from Gilles de la Bourdonnaye, the table tennis sport manager for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Notably, as part of ITTF’s commitment to inclusivity, a significant decision was made to include Portuguese as one of the official languages of the ITTF, alongside Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Russian, and Spanish.

Among the key highlights of the summit was the convening of the ITTF Executive Board, where important decisions were made to steer the federation’s strategic direction. Crucial sessions took place, each offering unique insights and perspectives on the future trajectory of the sport.

The ITTF Summit also featured several pivotal sessions highlighting the federation’s dedication to various aspects of the sport. The Sustainability and Gender Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (GEDI) session provided a platform for profound discussions on environmental stewardship and gender equality, enriched by insights from UN Women Korea Director, Jeongshim Lee.

Returning to its in-person format, the ITTF Finance Forum, drew over 100 individuals to discuss the Federation’s financial status and future outlook. Led by ITTF Executive Vice-President Dr. Alaa Meshref, the forum provided a platform for transparency, reflection, and strategic planning amid challenging economic conditions.

The ITTF Governance Session emphasised transparency and accountability, positioning the federation as a benchmark for good governance. Meanwhile, the ITTF Sports and Development Session featuring insights from ITTF Group CEO Steve Dainton, highlighted the federation’s commitment to driving global excellence in table tennis, with esteemed figures offering strategic insights and prospects on event results and performance levels.

The following ITTF Committees were also held during the summit, addressing critical issues ranging from sports science and medical support to equipment regulations, playing a pivotal role in shaping the sport’s evolution worldwide.

ITTF Sports Science and Medical Committee Meeting
Sustainability Committee Meeting
ITTF Rules Committee Meeting
ITTF Umpires and Referee Committee Meeting
ITTF Equipment Committee Meeting

The day before the AGM, the ITTF Awards Night illuminated Busan with its splendour, capturing the essence of excellence within the global table tennis community. With a backdrop of the recently concluded ITTF World Team Championships Finals 2024, the prestigious event served as a beacon of celebration, recognising the exceptional achievements of players, coaches, associations, and event organisers throughout the year 2023. Amidst the excitement and anticipation, the Awards Night honoured outstanding individuals and initiatives that have significantly contributed to the growth and success of table tennis worldwide. Find out the full list of awardees here.

With the ITTF Summit 2024 behind us, we look forward to the next summit, scheduled to take place next year in Doha, Qatar. Happening in conjunction with the ITTF World Table Tennis Championships Finals 2025, the host for the ITTF World Championships Finals 2027 will be voted and announced at next year’s AGM.

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