18 Jan 2024

The prestigious city of Helsingborg, Sweden, is set to welcome the Para-European Table Tennis Championship in September 2025, marking yet another significant milestone for the sport in the region. 

After the resounding success of hosting the Para-European Championship in 2019, the Swedish Table Tennis Association, in collaboration with the City of Helsingborg, is thrilled to announce this upcoming event. The championship, to be held at the Helsingborg Arena, is expected to draw around 300 players from across Europe. 

The Para-European Championships returning to Helsingborg after the fantastic 2019 event brings back incredible sporting memories. It is thrilling to see Helsingborg hosting this prestigious championship once more. At ITTF, we are passionate about creating an environment where talents shine regardless of background or ability, and this championship echoes that spirit. It is not just about athletic excellence; it mirrors Sweden and Helsingborg’s values of inclusivity and sportsmanship. A heartfelt thank you to the Swedish Table Tennis Association, Helsingborg Convention & Event Bureau, the city of Helsingborg and the local club for their unwavering support in making this extraordinary sporting event possible ” – ITTF President Petra Sörling   

The last time around, the Swedish national team brought home a remarkable 10 medals, making it one of the most successful championships for the blue and yellow players. SBTF’s Sports Director, Daniel Ellermann, hopes to repeat this success. “It’s incredibly gratifying to host a European Championship in Helsingborg again. In 2019, it was the best Para-European Championship I have experienced personally. The championship was fantastic both as an event and, of course, in terms of sports performance for Sweden. It was a great memory for life, and I am really looking forward to returning to Helsingborg in 2025,” said Ellermann. 

Helsingborg, renowned for its fervent support of table tennis, has been a cornerstone in hosting various championships, with the local club BTK Rekord playing an integral role. “We in Helsingborg are honoured to host this prestigious event once again within the table tennis world. This achievement is the result of many years of fruitful collaboration with the Swedish Table Tennis Association. We also thank Visit Skåne, an important partner and co-financier,” says Henrik Gidlund, Head of Helsingborg Convention & Event Bureau. “This great championship shows how events have the power to contribute to a more inclusive society where everyone’s right to joy of movement is celebrated. We are very happy to be a part of making this happen”, says Max Granström, CEO of Visit Skåne.

The event stands as a testament to the Swedish Table Tennis Association’s dedication to nurturing the sport’s development and growth, with upcoming events including the highly anticipated ITTF World Youth Championships 2024, among others on their busy calendar.  

“We are very proud and delighted to present another championship on Swedish soil in the coming years. Our strategy towards 2026 clearly demonstrates that international events are important for gathering and creating new resources for Swedish table tennis. It also highlights the pride within our table tennis family. All of this is part of the journey towards 2026 when the Swedish Table Tennis Association celebrates its 100th anniversary,” says Dennis Lindahl, Chairman of the Swedish Table Tennis Association. 

The stage is set, and Helsingborg eagerly awaits the gathering of Europe’s finest para-table tennis players in what promises to be a thrilling and memorable championship. 

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