09 Dec 2023

Here comes the climax of the inaugural ITTF Mixed Team World Cup, an eagerly awaited moment that will witness the crowning of the event’s champion with a new trophy rich in artistry and significance – The Guoliang-Sörling Trophy. 

Meticulously crafted by the esteemed Zhu Bingren, recognised as a distinguishe Chinese Master of Arts and Crafts by the Chinese Table Tennis Association, this trophy signifies the culmination of skill, artistry, and profound symbolism.  

Fashioned from a combination of copper, gold, and a variety of metals, the trophy stands as an 8kg, 75cm masterpiece. Its pinnacle boasts a gleaming golden wrought surface ball, symbolising the dynamic essence of table tennis and standing as a testament to the sport’s resilience and courage. 

Adorned with the event’s name and a finely crafted “Table Tennis Racket” pattern, the trophy embodies the essence of mixed team play. The delicate lines etched along its sides echo unity, progress, and solidarity. Notably, the engravings on the trophy’s neck depict the initials of Petra Sörling, ITTF President, and Liu Guoliang, ITTF Deputy President. This tribute emphasises gender equality and exemplifies the ethos of collaboration and equality within the Mixed Team World Cup, championing unity among participants.  

Resting upon a solid square base, the trophy proudly displays the emblem of the ITTF Mixed Team World Cup Chengdu, signifying the event’s solid foundation. As the world witnesses the final day of this historic mixed team event, the trophy stands as a beacon of the event’s significance and the anticipation of the first-ever Team who will proudly carry this trophy. 

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