03 Dec 2023

The draws for Stage 1 are out for the ITTF Mixed Team World Cup 2023 and we can take a first look at what matches will be lighting up the illustrious Sichuan Gymnasium in Chengdu, China over the coming days. Get set to witness 18 of the world’s best teams who will fight it out to get an elusive spot in to the next stage, with the winner and runner up of each group moving through to Stage 2. This event embraces a thrilling mixed team format and showcases a transformative playing system.

Stage 1 group matches will see many tight encounters as teams aim to place in the first two positions to qualify for Stage 2.


In Group 1, fans can expect to see a thrilling match between seeds 7, Hong Kong, China and seeds 8, Sweden, who were recently crowned the European Men’s Team Champion battle for spot in Stage 2.

Meanwhile, Team China will look to get defend their top billing and get off to a quick start, facing Team Sweden first up in Stage 1.  World No.1 Fan Zhendong is looking forward to the challenge of competing in this new format for the first time, and doing so in front of the home crowd.

“l’m very happy to attend this important event for this innovative new format. I hope I can make great achievements together with our team China.” Fan Zhendong

Over in group 3, Team France will be looking to avenge their losses to Romania who defeated them in the Women’s Teams event at both the European Games and the European Team Championships prior to Chengdu. With the strong focus on doubles in the new playing format, fans can look forward to this being a tight match with both teams featuring a number of strong doubles pairings.

Similarly, Portugal will be vying for top spot in Group 2, hoping to settle the score against Germany after both the Portuguese Men’s and Women’s teams were outmatched by Germany at the European Games and the European Team Championships.

There will be no telling who will come out successful in Group 4 with each team exhibiting a relatively new line up of players, mixing both experienced players and bringing in a new generation of youth.

In Stage 2, the top eight teams will converge into a single group however results from Stage 1 will carry over meaning that teams that faced each other earlier the week won’t face each other again.

Under the new format, play will be kicked off with Mixed Doubles, followed by Women’s Singles, and Men’s Singles. Players who played Mixed Doubles cannot play the Singles matches which will throw a spanner in the works for both teams. The event will elevate the strategic choices and player interactions in thrilling showdowns.

The players are ready for action and excited to take part in the brand new format.

“It’s interesting because it’s a very new system. We never played before something like this and all things are looking forward because it’s very competitive, every team had a chance against each other and it’s a very short sets and not so long like the others.” Ahmed Saleh

Prepare yourself to experience unparalleled strategy and excitement as this groundbreaking system ushers in a new era of table tennis.

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