23 Nov 2023

From December 4 to 10, 2023, the illustrious Sichuan Gymnasium in Chengdu, China, will once again host the pinnacle of table tennis excellence. This historic venue, steeped in the legacy of the 2019 ITTF Men’s and Women’s World Cups, sets the stage for an exciting reunion with a twist. The event embraces a thrilling mixed team format, showcasing gender equality and collaborative strategies.  

An Innovative Playing System for Team Encounters 

Prepare for electrifying action as each encounter between two teams unfolds with singles and doubles matches. Individual matches within a team encounter consist of three games, resulting in a 3-0 or 2-1 score, until one team accumulates eight games for victory. 

Adding a unique twist, the order of play kicks off with Mixed Doubles, followed by Women’s Singles, and Men’s Singles. Players who played mixed doubles cannot play the Singles matches. If needed, the strategic finale features Men’s and Women’s Doubles, played in an order determined beforehand by the team captain of the lower-ranked team—injecting strategy and suspense into every encounter. Notably, each player’s participation is limited to a maximum of two individual matches (doubles and singles) in a single team match, intensifying the strategic decisions and player dynamics in every thrilling face-off 

Thrilling Competition Format  

The event will also showcase a revolutionary playing system spread across two thrilling stages. Stage 1 sees 18 teams divided into four equally matched groups, engaging in a round-robin format that sets the tournament ablaze with fierce competition. 

In Stage 2, the drama peaks as winners and runners-up from Stage 1 converge in a single, monumental group. No déjà vu allowed: teams that clashed in Stage 1 won’t face each other again. Yet, the results from the initial encounters carry over. The team that rises to the top of this group will emerge as the first champion of the inaugural ITTF Mixed Team World Cup Chengdu 2023. 

Get ready to witness unmatched skill, strategic prowess, and sheer adrenaline as this innovative playing system defines a new chapter in table tennis history. 

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