08 Sep 2023

In the heart of Cairo, Egypt, from 14 to 20 October 2023, a thrilling convergence of passion, precision, and dreams is set to unfold. The African Youth Training Camp will gather at least 20 young players from all over the continent and give them the opportunity to hone their skills with some of the world’s best coaches.

The initiative, first introduced during the African Table Tennis Federation (ATTF) meeting held at the ITTF World Championships Finals Durban 2023, embodies a dynamic collaboration driven by ITTF, involving ATTF, Chinese Table Tennis Association (CTTA) and Egypt Table Tennis Federation (ETTF).

ITTF’s support encompasses various dimensions. It covers the Official Hospitality Package (OHP) costs for two players per Member Association. To further emphasise the importance of inclusivity and gender equality, ITTF has implemented entry rules that strictly require a gender balance, ensuring that Member Associations enter an equal number of girls and boys, thus ensuring equitable representation. To enhance coaching quality in the sport, ITTF has also established stringent criteria for the coaches they support. This criterion reflects the federation’s dedication to nurturing coaching talent and elevating the overall quality of coaching.

At the forefront of this collaborative effort is ITTF Development’s unwavering commitment to promoting the sport’s growth and development. ITTF is joining forces with ATTF, CTTA and ETTF, uniting key stakeholders to advance the development of the sport, foster global cooperation, and empower the emerging talents of African youth players and their coaches.

Celebrated as the powerhouse of table tennis, Team China plays a transformative role in this partnership. “Bringing Chinese Youth Players to Africa – Sharing Table Tennis with the World.” is the Chinese Table Tennis Association slogan underlined by He Xiao, the CTTA Secretary General, for the occasion. This will be the second time in the last year that Team China has shown their commitment to elevating global table tennis development. In December 2022, they participated in the last stop of the Road to Tunis, a High Performance training camp series aimed at players qualified for the ITTF World Youth Championships, proving that a shared approach is vital to world-class training.

“Their presence at the African Youth Training Camp is nothing short of a game-changing opportunity for African talents. With their wealth of experience and expertise, Team China will guide, mentor, and inspire young African players, elevating their skills and nurturing their potential.” – Dr. Alaa Meshref, ITTF Executive Vice President in charge of Development

ATTF and ETTF, as the hosts, are equally instrumental in making the camp a reality. Their unwavering dedication to boosting the sport in the region aligns seamlessly with the broader goals of the African Youth Training Camp. Egypt recognised the immense potential of hosting the WTT Youth Contender Cairo and saw an opportunity to complement it with this camp. This not only displays their commitment to table tennis but also reinforces Egypt’s position as a key hub for the sport in the region.

The African Youth Camp is a reflection of ITTF Development’s commitment to fostering long-term growth worldwide. Its objective is to establish an enduring legacy marked by improved table tennis infrastructure, expanded player opportunities, and a strengthened network of empowered coaches. The African Youth Training Camp’s primary focus is on harnessing the potential of Africa’s dynamic young players. Through intensive training sessions, personalised guidance, and exposure to world-class playing styles, participants are poised for a transformative journey.

Participants are invited to join the African Youth Training Camp at the Dr. Hassan Mostafa Complex in Cairo, Egypt and can find more details on the official Prospectus. Registration is open, and aspiring participants are reminded that the entry deadline for the camp is 14 September 2023. Don’t miss this chance for professional growth and international exposure in the world of table tennis.

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