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22 Aug 2023

Anticipation fills the air as the ITTF Summit 2023 gets underway in Bangkok.

The first day of the Summit will start with the Women’s Breakfast Session—a gathering of the women of the ITTF Summit, joined by ITTF President Petra Sörling and guest speaker Gabriela Müller. This session is a unique blend of nourishment and camaraderie, offering a platform to share stories, build connections, and strengthen the unity that defines our table tennis family. 

Participants will then make their way to kickstart the many events planned, with Open Forum: New Strategic Plan being one of them. During this forum, the new ITTF Strategic Plan will be unveiled, a roadmap that captures the potential and sustainable growth of table tennis. By actively engaging the table tennis community, this forum reinforces the spirit of collaboration and harnesses invaluable insights to guide the future of the sport. 

Among the list of insightful events is also the Plenary Session which will shine a spotlight on the multifaceted growth dimensions of table tennis. Day 1 will also feature the ‘Charting a Path to Sustainable Growth’ session, where Marie Sallois-Dembreville, Corporate and Sustainable Development Director of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), will bring her inspiring insights to push ITTF Group to embark on a journey toward sustainable growth. 

An equally compelling feature of the summit is the ‘Growing New Disciplines’ segment. Gilles Erb, President of the French Table Tennis Federation, and Leandro Olvech, Director of the ITTF Foundation, will lead the discussion into the evolving realms of table tennis.  

One notable discipline that will be addressed is outdoor table tennis, led by France. This initiative aims to engage passionate players in the pure joy of the game, while also enhancing connections with enthusiasts for a richer experience. Another discipline that is venturing into cutting-edge territory, is Virtual Reality (VR) table tennis. Aligned with the IOC, it displayed its potential during the Olympic Esports Week in June, promising a fresh dimension of engagement and growth for our sport. 

The final discipline that will be featured is ‘Table Tennis for Parkinson’s’, illustrating the transformative impact the sport has on neurological disorders. These discussions seamlessly connect with the upcoming World Table Tennis for Health Festival (WTT4HF), featuring the World Parkinson’s Table Tennis Championships, the inaugural World Alzheimer’s Table Tennis Championships, and the World Table Tennis for Health Congress.  

One of the key highlights of the day will be the immersive workshop series. Guided by experienced leaders and industry veterans, registered participants will explore diverse facets of table tennis growth. From crafting revenue strategies tailored to different event scales, to embracing the power of collaboration in driving growth with WTT events, and navigating sustainable funding through good governance practices, each workshop offers unique insights. Furthermore, guest speaker, Gabriela Müller, a fervent advocate, will delve into the transformative force of diversity and inclusion, amplifying unity and growth within the table tennis community. These workshops are a gateway to unlocking new possibilities and forging a more enriched table tennis future for all. 

The stage is set for a day of growth, engagement and empowerment, where each moment contributes to a tapestry of inspiration and progress. Let’s come together to create lasting impact and shape the future of table tennis. ITTF eagerly awaits your presence at the Summit! 

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