20 Aug 2023

Amidst a swirl of excitement and eager anticipation, the countdown to the unveiling of the ITTF World Table Tennis Championships Finals 2026 host has begun. This week, during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) hosted as part of the ITTF Summit 2023, the much-awaited host city will be elected. This election is charged with significance, as this will not only shape the immediate future but also casts a vision for the sport’s long journey ahead.  

The ITTF World Championships Finals 2026 is a milestone moment for the sport as it marks a resounding 100-year journey since the event and the Federation’s inception. The event is set to be a celebration of a century of unwavering dedication and unparalleled excellence in table tennis, poised to chart a course for the sport’s impending endeavours. With such a rich heritage in play, the 100-year milestone of the World Championships is positioned to be an outstanding celebration—a time for players, officials, and enthusiasts worldwide to join hands in commemoration.  

Two contenders stand at the threshold, each with its distinct resonance. London, the very birthplace of the inaugural World Championships in 1926, presents a bid that carries echoes of history. If the mantle is passed to this historic host city, the event would come full circle, returning to its origins a hundred years later. This choice would not only be a nod to the sport’s enduring legacy but also a grand spectacle for both players and aficionados. London’s bid resonates as a profound celebration, paying homage to table tennis’s longstanding popularity that has gracefully traversed generations, firmly engraving its status as a beloved sport. The event’s venue, the iconic Wembley Arena, would play host to this momentous occasion, a place with its own storied history. London’s bid is steeped in history and ambition, aiming to nurture the game at the community level, making it accessible to everyone. 

On the other hand, Bangkok, the vibrant capital of Thailand, emerges as a resolute contender, showcasing not only the region’s remarkable growth but also an unflinching enthusiasm for table tennis. Should Bangkok be chosen, it promises an extraordinary platform, one that harmonises the sport’s legacy with the potential of the future. This bid encapsulates the essence of the sport’s journey, traversing between the sport’s history and the promise of uncharted territories. Bangkok envisions a legacy that involves nurturing the game, fostering its growth within school’s curriculum, and instilling a passion for table tennis from a tender age. The Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) stands ready to host, symbolising Bangkok’s commitment to this event.  

The choice of host city, be it London or Bangkok, will stand as a testament to the sport’s journey and a promise of a radiant future that awaits. Amidst these bids lies the recognition of the coveted prize that players and member associations worldwide aspire to—the ITTF World Championships. Over the last hundred years, this event has witnessed an array of legendary players who have showcased their skills on this grand stage. A journey marked by excellence, the World Championships have become a cornerstone of the table tennis calendar, embodying the sport’s significance and its enduring allure.  

The unveiling of the host city will serve as the pinnacle of the event. Follow ITTF’s social media platforms and website on 24 August as the election takes place during the AGM. Stay tuned to witness history in the making and be part of this journey. 

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