06 Jul 2023

No charity, the most prominent names asserted authority in impressive style

Title favourites dominated the ITTF Para United States Open 2023, play concluding in the factor 20 tournament after three days of action on Wednesday 5th July; the player to set the standard being Great Britain’s Will Bayley.

The 35-year-old, never reluctant to show his feelings, continued his quite incredible run of success; since concluding matters a silver medallist at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, in men’s singles class 7 he has remained unbeaten, Fort Worth was his sixth consecutive such win.

Similarly, for his colleagues there was gold, in the men’s singles, Jack Hunter-Spivey prevailed in class 5, Ross Wilson in class 8.

Titles for top seeded British players, it was the same for the Chileans. Cristian Gonzalez won men’s singles class 4; Manuel Echaveguren succeeded in men’s singles class 10.

Not to be upstaged, there was gold from leading United States players. In the men’s singles events, Jenson Van Emburgh won class 3, Tahl Leibovitz class 9.

Gold for Tahl Leibovitz (Photo: Jose C. Valdes)
Gold for Tahl Leibovitz (Photo: Jose C. Valdes)

Status justified, it was no different in men’s singles class 11, Thailand’s Master Techo, secured the top prize.

Leading male players justifying their status, the scenario also applied in the women’s singles events. Mexico’s Edith Sigala won class 1-5; Malaysia’s Gloria Wong Sze emerged the victor in class 9-10.

In fact, the only examples of the highest rated names not prevailing was when the second seeds stated their case.

Chile’s Luis Bustamente alongside the host nation’s Ian Seidenfeld and Zu Mingyu caused the ripples.

Competing in men’s singles class 1-2, Luis Bustamente accounted for Slovakia’s Jan Riapos, the top seed (14-12, 13-11, 9-11, 11-1) to clinch gold; similarly, in men’s singles class 6, at the final hurdle Ian Seidenfeld beat the leading name on duty, Chile’s Ignacio Torres (11-8, 11-5, 11-3) to secure the title.

Hardly a surprise, Ian Seidenfeld struck gold at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games; likewise, the first place gained by Zu Mingyu in a women’s singles class 8 was not a great tremor.

Gold medallist at the United States Para Open in both 2017 and 2018, she beat Chile’s top seeded Florencia Perez (11-7, 9-11, 13-11, 11-8) to complete a group organised event unbeaten.

Silver for Florencia Perez later there was gold, she partnered colleague Joseline Yevenes to women’s doubles class 20 success.

Meanwhile, for Edit Sigala there was more gold; she joined forces with compatriot Martha Verdin to secure the women’s doubles class 10 title.

Two titles for Martha Verdin, it was the same for Luis Bustamente, Jenson van Emburgh, Will Bayley and Tahl Leibovitz.

Men's doubles class 8 success for Jenson van Emburgh and Ahad Sarand (Photo: Jose C. Valdez)
Men’s doubles class 8 success for Jenson van Emburgh and Ahad Sarand (Photo: Jose C. Valdez)

Following their men’s singles wins, all clinched men’s doubles titles in harness with teammates. Luis Bustamente partnered Vicente Leiva to class 4 gold, Jenson van Emburgh enjoyed success in class 14 alongside Ahad Sarand.

Similarly, it was top spot for Will Bayley and Theo Bishop in class 14 as it was for Tahl Leibovitz and Logan Watson in class 18.

Somewhat differently, there was a second title for Joseline Yevenes, she partnered compatriot Matias Pino to the mixed doubles class 17 top prize.

Success for Chile in the mixed doubles there was more, Maxilimiano Rodriguez and Tamara Leonelli claimed the class 10 title, the players no stranger but that was not the scenario in class 20. Gold finished in the hands of the partnership formed by Great Britain’s Maximilan Flint and Gloria Wong Sze.

Play concluded in Fort Worth, attention now turns east; a four-day event, the ITTF New Taipei Para Open 2023, commences on Sunday 16th July.


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