16 Jun 2023

VR Table Tennis Presented by ITTF & Eleven VR (VR Table Tennis) has been appointed as an exhibition sport for the inaugural Olympic Esports Week, scheduled to take place in Singapore from 22 to 25 June 2023.

The inaugural Olympic Esports Week, in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, Sport Singapore and the Singapore National Olympic committee (SNOC), is four-day festival showcasing the best of virtual sports. during the event, the ITTF will feature VR table tennis booths that will be open to the public. additionally, there will be a VR table tennis exhibition show match on the  stage on 24 June, with the best players in the world competing.

Commenting on the inclusion of VR Table Tennis in the event, Petra Sörling, ITTF President, stated, “There is no denying that Esports is a significant part of our future. As a federation, our goal is to use this new platform to foster participation in table tennis, both online and offline, in a healthy manner. Encouraging people to get active and engage in this sport is of utmost importance, and our collaboration with the International Olympic Committee and Eleven Table Tennis will help us achieve that. I would also like to thank the French Federation of Table Tennis which has been at the forefront of VR Table Tennis, organising their first national championships in December 2022.

Partnering with Eleven VR, the ITTF is able to provide the world’s most realistic experience with the game Eleven Table Tennis. Over the past two years, Eleven VR has successfully collaborated at the annual Singapore Smash, delivering an exhilarating experience to spectators.

Expressing excitement about the collaboration, Roman Rekhler, Chief Technical Officer and Creator of Eleven Table Tennis, remarked, “We are very excited to partner with the ITTF to spread the sport of table tennis through Eleven Table Tennis. We have focused considerable amounts of time on physics and ensuring that our game is ‘jaw-droppingly realistic.’ The backing of the ITTF points to the success of our endeavours. Esports continue to expand at a rapid pace, and showcasing a fast-paced sport like table tennis at the Olympic Esports Week will continue to bring fans far and wide into the sport. Eleven VR can reach people who cannot always make it to a table tennis club. Now they too have the opportunity to show their skills on a global stage.”

The Olympic Esports Week 2023 taking place in Singapore, is setting the stage for future participation in multi-sport events. The ITTF’s presence at this event exemplifies the significance of cooperation and integration with Esports for the future of the global sports movement.

Tickets for Olympic Esports Week are now available for purchase, with general admission starting at SGD 10 per day and three-day passes available from SGD 20. Tickets can be purchased here.

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