27 Mar 2023

As we move into the second quarter of 2023, it gives me great pleasure to inform the table tennis family of the recent expansion of our team at the ITTF Group. We are proud to announce that our team has grown to over 100 staff members, a significant milestone for our organisation.  

This growth is a clear indication of the positive direction in which the ITTF Group is moving, and a reflection of the increasing demand for table tennis and our commitment to meeting that demand.  

We are also thrilled to welcome so many new faces to the ITTF Group family. With more than 35 nationalities from every continent and more than 20 languages spoken, our team is now more diverse than ever, and we believe that this diversity will make us stronger and more capable of reaching a global audience.  

We have always been committed to building a structure dedicated to developing and professionalising the sport for everyone of all ages around the world. The ITTF Group brings together the International Table Tennis Federation as the sport’s governing body, the commercial and events business arm World Table Tennis, and the ITTF Foundation which uses our sport as a tool for positive changes — unifying the efforts to drive global table tennis growth.  

Over the past few years, the pandemic negatively impacted the sports industry with its multiple restrictions, and table tennis was not spared. Despite this, we didn’t lose sight of our goal and saw how crucial it was to prepare for after the pandemic. We are grateful to all our members, fans, and partners for their support during this trying period and look forward to working together to grow the sport we all love. 

As we move beyond 2023 and into the upcoming years ahead, we are confident that this expansion in staff will enable us to achieve our goals and make a bigger impact on the sport of table tennis. 

So, what does this growth in staff entail?   

The professionalisation of our events continues to be one of our focal points. We have been working hard to develop the World Table Tennis platform, to provide a new level of competency and excitement for both athletes and fans. This year’s table tennis calendar is fully occupied with a range of events, and the expansion of our team is timely and much needed to ensure that our events and programmes are delivered at the highest quality.  

Another area that we will be focusing on is our development programmes. In the past few years, we have had to conduct many of these programmes remotely, but with an expanded team, we will be able to get back out into the communities and engage with young players in person. We believe that by fostering a love for the sport from a young age, we can help to build a strong and sustainable future for table tennis.  

In addition to these specific initiatives, we are also excited to have more resources to devote to other areas of our organisation. We will be able to invest more in technology, education, and marketing research, which will help us to better understand and serve players, members and fans.  

Of course, it is not just about growing the sport but growing it in a way that ensures its long-term interests. To achieve this sustainable growth, we must consider the environmental, economic, and social impact, promote a culture of innovation, adopt eco-friendly practices and encourage community involvement. 

We are all united in our goal to make table tennis more appealing and impactful for everyone. With more hands-on-deck, and brains at work, we aim to keep getting better at every aspect of our sport.  

The ITTF family remains committed to providing the best possible support to our members and the table tennis community. We are certain that with our continued growth and development, we will be able to elevate table tennis to new heights, whilst making it a sport enjoyed by all.   

Steve Dainton

General News