30 Nov 2022

World Table Tennis on Wednesday 30th November unveiled the first half of its events calendar for the 2023 season of WTT Series and WTT Feeder Series.

The first half of the year sends the WTT Series and WTT Feeder Series across three continents for more than 15 events; but that’s just the beginning. Players and fans can look forward to the series landing in the Americas, Europe and Asia in the second half of 2023, creating a truly global series. Champions events will also be touching down in new locations around the world and a second Grand Smash will be unveiled, rounding out an action-packed 2023 WTT Series calendar. The stage will then be set for players to chase World Ranking points in a bid to qualify for the season ending WTT Cup Finals and pursue the top honour of closing out the season as the year-end World No.1.

The 2023 events calendar of WTT Youth Series was announced in October with a record number of events organised in every corner of the world.

You can download the 2023 event calendar of World Table Tennis here.

“World Table Tennis’s future shines ever brighter in 2023, further demonstrating the global influence of this sport we love. I hope more cities around the world, especially those beyond the traditional powerhouses, will play host to WTT events, experience the charm of table tennis through that and ultimately attract more people to participate in the sport. This has always been our most fundamental goal.” — Liu Guoliang, Chair of World Table Tennis Board and ITTF Deputy President

World Table Tennis is the commercial and events platform of the ITTF Group, heralding a new era for professional table tennis. Its events structure provides the perfect showcase for both athletes and fans. The event tiers exhibit and highlight the phenomenal talent of world-class table tennis stars in a fresh, dynamic and entertainment-driven settings.

At the top is the WTT Series, the official professional table tennis series of events, with the world’s best table tennis players facing off in events of different levels.

The WTT Feeder Series serves as a critical stepping-stone bringing together a mix of the world’s up and coming stars, local and regional heroes, players fighting to return to the WTT Series due to form or returning from career breaks.

The WTT Youth Series is where it all begins. Forming an important part of the WTT events pyramid, it establishes the playing pathway and journey from day one to World No.1.

“The first two years of World Table Tennis provided a learning experience, and more importantly a launchpad for the future growth that begins now. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to recede, the calendar for World Table Tennis will continue to grow. Providing a worldwide, cutting-edge experience is the goal of World Table Tennis, and this year will show just how we much we can deliver.” — Steve Dainton, ITTF Group CEO

Details of the second half of the 2023 calendar will be announced in due course.

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