24 Nov 2022

The Future of Table Tennis

As the table tennis world heads to Amman, Jordan for the upcoming ITTF Summit, participants will be able to take part in six different sessions scheduled for December 4-5. The ITTF Annual General Meeting will be held on December 6, concluding the Summit

A welcome session the afternoon of Dec. 4 will kickstart the summit and introduce everyone to our Jordanian hosts.  The following sessions are scheduled as followed:

Session One: Growing the Table Tennis Industry

This panel discussion will focus on the growing professionalization of table tennis worldwide, and how the International Table Tennis Federation is seizing the moment to be a part of this movement.

Special attention will be paid on the growth of World Table Tennis as the commercial arm of the ITTF Group, and how the sport has innovated the way it is presented drawing top tier athletes to a professional circuit. The panel will also look at the rise of how athletes have marketed themselves and how their journeys fit into this industry growth.

Session Two: Becoming a Leading International Federation

Last year, the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations launched a governance review of all member federations, including the ITTF. This session will focus on the results from that governance review, and how the ITTF implemented them to better the federation.

Following that, the lens will turn to see how the lessons from that review can be applied to Member Associations around the world to strengthen the bonds between the ITTF’s good governance and how the sport is administered in all areas of the globe. Additional presentations will be made to help MAs bolster their diversity, equality and inclusion at the national and continental level, and from the ITTF Integrity Unit.

These reforms coupled with the ITTFs size and global reach puts the federation in a unique position to lead by example in the coming years.

Session Three: The Sport of Table Tennis in 50 Years 

The future of Table Tennis is being discussed in this session, as the federation looks to anticipate how the game will be adapted in the next half century. A major focus of this panel will be on how to grow the sport beyond its traditional powerhouses and making new markets competitive.

Athletes’ future will be dissected, and panelists will discuss how support for our athletes does not just come from direct contact, but realizing that the modern athlete has a larger support system than in the past.

Session Four: Sustainability, the Only Way Forward

One of the key pillars for the ITTF as it continues to grow is how to turn change into a sustainable legacy. That includes how the federation can reduce its footprint as it continues to push forward.

Discussions will also be had about how to maintain a social legacy that helps connect table tennis with the world in a positive way.

Session Five: Events for All 

This session will focus on improvements being made to the calendar of events and how to continue to build off the success of World Table Tennis.

The latest ITTF World Championships Finals and World Para Championships will be used as examples for how future events should be run, and how all competitions should aspire to have that level of quality.

A special look will be paid to the 2022 ITTF Oceania Championships to discuss how out of the box thinking helps grow competitions and inspires new locations to step up to be part of this growth.

Also, attention will be paid to bolstering data systems and results compiling at all table tennis competitions, and the professionalization of match officials.

Session Six: Home of Table Tennis 

Immediately following the Events for All session, a short session about a revamped bidding concept and new concepts for bidding will held. We invite everyone to stay to learn how to be part of this new venture for the future of table tennis.

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