03 Oct 2022

IOC President Thomas Bach appointed International Table Tennis Federation President Petra Sörling to the Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Commission.

This appointment is part of the IOC’s announcement of commissions for 2022. Of the 546 positions in the 31 commissions, an equal 273 are held by men and women; a milestone in the IOC’s efforts to increase gender balance at its governance level.

“Joining such an important commission is an honour,” President Sörling said of her appointment. “The IOC has made massive strides in bringing gender parity to the Olympic Games. Now, I look forward to continuing that work with our commission to bring opportunities to the entire Olympic Movement.”

The Gender Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Commission is chaired by IOC Member Lydia Nsekera of Burundi.

“Working with Lydia and the other members of this commission will shepherd important work in the coming years,” Sörling added. “I want to thank President Bach for entrusting me with such an assignment. The International Table Tennis Federation will continue engaging with and contributing to the Olympic Movement.”

Sörling was elected to the ITTF Executive Committee in 2009 and quickly advanced to take charge of several key areas for the 227-member strong federation. She became ITTF Executive Vice President of Finances in 2013 and, in 2019, established the ITTF Sustainability Working Group.

She became the first female president of the ITTF in 2021, pledging to modernize the sport and increasing sustainability and diversity opportunities for the sport.

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