10 Sep 2022

A gap of three years, three days of intense action awaits in Northern Europe

First staged in 2019, Lahti is the host for the 2022 Finland Para Open, play commencing on Friday 9th September.

Notable names return from the inaugural edition, players intent on repeating the success of three years earlier.

In the men’s singles events, Chinese Taipei’s Cheng Ming-Chih, defends his class 5 title as does Sweden’s Niklas Westerberg in class 7.

Niklas Westerberg seeking to maintain the form of three years ago  (Photo: Bogdan Pasek)


Likewise, in the women’s singles, also from Sweden and Chinese Taipei respectively, Ingela Lundbäck, the class 5 winner three years ago, one again plies her skills, a situation that applies also to Tian Shiau-Wen, the class 10 gold medallist.

Additionally, those from three years ago who aim to turn silver into gold are on duty. In 2019, Sweden’s Jonas Hansson was the runner up in men’s singles class 7, Finland’s Aino Tapola in women’s singles class 1-2, Chinese Taipei’s Lin Tzu-Yu in class 10.

Names to note but arguably the most striking are those that appear in the men’s singles; five players who have risen to the heights, gold medallists at the Paralympic Games.

Winners in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, Great Britain’s Rob Davies (class 1) and Will Bayley (class 7) appear on the entry list as does Belgium’s Florian Van Acker (Class 10).

Preparing for action in Lahti (Photo: Esko Heikkinen)


Also, from Belgium Laurens Devos, gold medallist in both Rio de Janeiro and more recently in Tokyo competes, a situation that applies to Norway’s Tommy Urhaug, successful in 2012 in London.

Understandably, Esko Heikkinen, President of the Finnish Table Tennis Federation, is delighted with the response.

“There are exactly 134 players from 28 countries. The big positive is that we had altogether 25 classifications. It means new Para players. Another positive is that class 11 is very big, overall 13 men and five women in Class 11, the second biggest class in the tournament!” Esko Heikkinen

Class 11 is for players with an intellectual disability; a busy time awaits in Lahti.

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