10 Sep 2022

The Algerian capital also hosted the Annual General Meeting, and welcomed the visit of the ITTF President

Winners in 2018, Quadri Aruna and Dina Meshref regained their respective men’s and women’s singles titles to bring the 2022 ITTF African Senior Championships in Algiers to a conclusion; earlier, in the team events, Egypt had defended both men’s and women’s titles.

Quadri Aruna (NGR) and Dina Meshref (EGY)

The Algerian capital also hosted the Annual General Meeting of the African Table Tennis Federation, which received the visit of ITTF President, Petra Sörling, accompanied by ITTF Executive Vice Presidents Dr. Alaa Meshref from Egypt and Wahid Oshodi from Nigeria, alongside ITTF Secretary General Raul Calin.

“There were good discussions and engagement during our meetings. It was important for me to be here with the Durban 2023 ITTF World Championships around the corner. There is a big passion for table tennis and for sport in Africa. I would like the African members to remain confident, believe in themselves and organise events. Hosting events makes table tennis more visible for young players in different countries, and through this, we can help grow the sport in all areas of Africa. I think the ATTF, together with its members, is on a good pathway.”
— ITTF President Petra Sörling

Meeting with Abderezzak Sebgag

Later, on Wednesday 7th September, a meeting was held with Abderezzak Sebgag, the Algerian Minister of Youth and Sport.

He reported that as part of the commitment to sport in general in Algeria, the aim was to engage sports teachers in all the 21,000 schools in the country.

“The first step for the popularisation of the sport of table tennis would be to ensure all sport teachers have basic information on table tennis, and to ensure all schools have at least one table tennis table and the necessary equipment to practise.” Abderezzak Sebgag

Notably, he is very much in favour  of co-operating with the ITTF regarding the opening of an international training centre in Algeria.

ITTF Delegation meets Algerian Minister of Youth & Sport

Petra Sörling, on her behalf, pledged support, providing there is sustainability and firm assurance from the government to back the initiative.

Meanwhile, Dr Alaa Meshref, ITTF Vice President responsible for development, highlighted the importance of accessibility of equipment that could be made available to schools. In support, Abderezzak Sebgag expressed optimism in the capacity of Algerian companies to produce table tennis equipment.

Concluding, it was universally agreed via the ITTF Development department that efforts would be made to provide education for sport teachers and coaches at club, regional and national levels.

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