09 Aug 2022

With activities and program incentives in full swing on a busy High Performance & Development calendar, the department has issued a Mid-Year Progress report on the status of its programs within the continents.

“It is our pleasure to share the progress we’ve made in the first half of 2022, with activities running on all continents, along with our online services. We are excited to continue the year as we’ve started, with on-the-ground actions and direct interactions with our members” Polona Cehovin, ITTF HPD Director

For the second year, the Participation Program was launched in March 2022, supporting MA (Member Association) activities, National Projects, and Online Services conducted by Participation team members or external experts. This year, the program has been expanded, offering additional services to MAs targeting grassroots development: Talent Identification, Good Governance, and Achieving Gender Balance.

“The three main incentives are now part of the program package: MA Activity, National Project and ITTF Online Services offered through Pingrofy. Every Member Association can benefit from one incentive annually throughout the next three years. The allocation was based on several criteria: MA Category, rotation, pro-activity and responsiveness in the previous year.” Yelena Druzhkova, ITTF Head of Participation.

ETTU National Associations Assistance Program

Despite persistent logistical challenges, Continental Development Programs were running at pre-pandemic levels.

The Equipment Assistance Program started delivering support packages to eligible MAs in cooperation with TIBHAR, the Regional Initiative was introduced, aiming to support regions in hosting regional activities tailored to their needs, the Hopes are in full swing, young promising athletes will be able to benefit from the Youth Grants initiative, the Mentorship Program continues after the great momentum it generated last year, while  the Quick Pathway Program was expanded and is now about to kick off in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Oceania.

“In 2022, we aim to implement fully our Continental Development Programs, which include programs/projects and incentives targeting various areas to ensure the growth of table tennis in Member Associations, Regions, Continents and overall.” Katarzyna Kubas, ITTF Head of Development.

For a full report on HPD activities within the continents, please see the Mid-Year Progress Report.

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