08 May 2022

Places in the knock-out stage of the order of proceedings on the third day of action.

A successful day for Thailand was very much the outcome on Saturday 7th May at the SQY French Para Open.

In the men’s doubles, Rungroj Thainiyom and Phisit Wangphonpathanasiri (class 14) duly advanced to the quarter-finals as their top seeded status advised; rather differently, the progress made by colleagues, Thirayu Chueawong and Natthawut Thinathet was not as predicted.

They finished in first place in their initial phase group, notably beating Spain’s Iker Sastre and Miguel Angel Toledo, the top seeds (11-9, 11-5, 11-7).

A semi-final place now awaits Thirayu Chueawong and Natthawut Thinathet; for Iker Sastre and Miguel Angel Toledo, who finished in second position in their group, they face a quarter-final contest against the combination of Chile’s Guillermo Bustamente and Frenchman Benoît Besset.

Likewise, in the mixed doubles, Thai colleagues, top seeds Wanchai Chaiwut and Wijittra Jaion (class 10), progressed safely to the penultimate round.

Medal hopes alive but not the best of days for Lucas Creange (Photo: Jonathan Iroulin)


Success for Thailand, for the host nation’s Lucas Creange, it was somewhat the reverse side of the coin.

Partnering colleague, Antoine Zhao (class 22), the top seeds, the duo experienced a group stage defeat at the hands of the combination formed by Spain’s Eduardo Cuesta and Frenchman Timothe Ivaldi (11-8, 13-15, 6-11, 11-5, 13-11)

Both pairs advanced to the semi-finals; Eduardo Cuesta and Timothe Ivaldi oppose Japan’s Koya Kato and Takeshi Takamori, Lucas Creange and Antoine Zhao, who finished in group runners up spot, confront Korea Republic’s Jeoung Kyuyoung and Kim Gitae.

Likewise in the mixed doubles, when top seeded, it was disappointment for Lucas Creange.

Partnering Lea Ferney (class 22), a group stage reverse was the outcome when facing Japan’s Koya Kato and Maki Ito (7-11, 11-9, 10-12, 11-6, 12-10).

Second group place the result for Lucas Creange and Lea Ferney, they now face Japan’s Takashi Asano and Sayuri Mio in the quarter-finals. Koya Kato and Maki Ito advance directly to the penultimate round.

Notable progress for Thailand, it was very similar for Turkey.

Partnering Neslihan Kavas, Merve Demir through to the penultimate round (Photo: Rémy Gros)


In the women’s doubles Merve Demir and Neslihan Kavas, the top seeds (class 20), justified their status to book a penultimate round place.

Similarly, in the mixed doubles, Abdullah Ozturk and Nergiz Altintas (class 7) topped their group.

Not be overshadowed, Neslihan Kavas partnered Hungary’s Andras Csonka (class 20) to a semi-final mixed doubles spot as advised.

However, pride of place went to the women’s doubles pairing of Ebru Acer and Sumeyra Turk (class 22). In a group organised event, they accounted for Japan’s Nanako Hazeyama and Maki Ito, the top seeds (11-7, 11-9, 11-6), to end the day the only unbeaten pair.

Unexpected outcomes, otherwise, it was a day without defeat for the top seeded partnerships.

A profitable day for Thomas Schmidberger in harness with Valentin Baus (Photo: Jonathan Irouln)


In the men’s doubles, Valentin Baus and Thomas Schmidberger (class 8) remain on course as does the French pairing of Mateo Boheas and Thomas Bouvais (class 18).

Likewise, in the women’s doubles, Brazil’s Catia Oliveira and Marline Santos (class 5) kept a clean sheet a record emulated by Korea Republic’s Kung Younga and Lee Migyu (class 10).

Meanwhile, in the mixed doubles, the host nation’s Clément Berthier and Morgen Caillaud (class 14) secured a semi-final place as their position advised.

Play at the SQY French Para Open concludes on Sunday 8th May.

Note: a doubles class is the maximum number determined by the sum of the individual classes

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