05 May 2022

A star studded entry, such is the scenario for the ITTF SQY French Para Open 2022.

The title derived from the location, Saint Quentin en Yvelines, situated in the greater Paris metropolitan area, the four day tournament commences on Thursday 5th May.

True to tradition, men’s and women’s singles events occupy the first two days of action, the last two being allocated to the newly introduced men’s, women’s and mixed doubles competitions.

No less than 23 players, who gained podium places at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, are scheduled to compete in the Factor 40 tournament for world ranking points.

Most notably in the men’s singles, the host nation’s Fabien Lamirault (class 2), Turkey’s Abdullah Ozturk (class 4) and Germany’s Valentin Baus (class 5), all gold medallists in Japan’s capital city, compete.

Similarly, silver medallists, Korea Republic’s Kim Hyeonuk (class 1), Germany’s Thomas Schmidberger (class 3), Denmark’s Peter Rosenmeier (class 6), Frenchman Mateo Boheas (class 10) and Australia’s Samuel von Einem (class 11) are all scheduled to ply their skills.

One step down the order of merit there is no shortage of Tokyo bronze medallists.

Flying the flag for France appear the names of Maxime Thomas (class 4) and Lucas Creange (class 11).

Also, in action will be Turkey’s Nesim Turan (class 4) and Ali Ozturk (class 5) as well as Jenson van Emburgh from the United States (class 3), Thailand’s Rungroj Thainiyom (class 6) and Belgium’s Florian van Acker (class 11).

Impressive, it is no different in the women’s singles. Silver medal winners in Tokyo, Brazil’s Catia Oliveira (class 2) and the host country’s Lea Ferney (class 11) both draw swords in Saint Quentin en Yvelines.

Also there are Tokyo bronze medal winners intent on enhancing to their collection.

Korea Republic is very much to the fore. Li Migyu (class 3), Yoon Jiyu (class 3) and Jung Younga (class 5) are all listed as is Turkey’s Kubra Korkut (class 7) alongside Norway’s Aida Dahlen (class 8) and Thu Kamkasomphu of France (class 8).

Seeking to add to Paralympic Games success; additionally there are eight players aiming to retain titles when the tournament was staged last year in early November.

Most significantly, France is very much in evidence. In the men’s singles, appear the names of Yorick Adjal (class 3), Esteban Herrault (class 6), Clément Berthier (class 8) and Lucas Didier (class 9).

In a similar vein, Korea Republic is prominent in the goal to gain repeat success; Kim Hakjin (class 1) and Kim Gitae (class 11) once again make the journey to Paris as does Norway’s Tommy Urhaug (class 5).

Meanwhile, for the women, Japan’s Yuri Tomono (class 8) competes, like her male counterparts, aiming to add to her gold medal collection.

A total of 32 member associations will participate in France.


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