26 Oct 2022

Muscat, the capital of Oman, is the home for the 2023 World Veteran Championships, the tournament being staged from Sunday 15th to Saturday 21st January.

An event for the champions of the present and the past!

Registration for the 2023 World Veteran Championships, to be staged in Muscat, Oman from Sunday 15th to Saturday 21st January, is now open.

Several age categories and 44 World Titles on offer, this is an event for anyone and everyone who continues to show their passion for the sport.

Located in its own fully integrated business precinct, the world-class Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre will host the competitions and see the new champions being crowned.

Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre, the venue for the 2023 World Veteran Championships

Register now on the official website to benefit from the early-bird discount

Registration on or before Saturday 2nd July 2022

  • Players: US$ 175 per person
  • Accompanying Guests: US$ 65 per person


Registration from Sunday 3rd July to Thursday 15th December 2022 (midnight)

  • Players: US$ 195 per person
  • Accompanying Guests: USS$ 65 per person


Pairs for men’s and women’s doubles events must be confirmed by both players; for those requiring partners, the deadline is Thursday 15th December 2022 (midnight).

Each participant is required to enter a mobile number to be used exclusively for health issues or to convey all useful information, via SMS or WhatsApp. Payment for all is by Visa, Mastercard or bank transfer.

Oman is a place where one can compete in the morning and explore a traditional souq in the afternoon
  • Sunday 15 January: Opening ceremony
  • Monday 16 January: singles competitions
  • Tuesday 17 January: singles and doubles competitions
  • Wednesday 18 January: Day Off / Touristic offer
  • Thursday 19 January: singles and doubles competitions
  • Friday 20 January 20, 2023: singles and doubles competitions
  • Saturday 21 January 21: Singles and doubles finals


Oman, the hidden jewel

The Sultanate of Oman is a country of breath-taking natural beauty, interwoven with a kaleidoscope of history and legends. As the oldest independent state in the Arab World, Oman has embraced modernization and progress while retaining the core aspects of its culture and heritage.


In January the climate in Oman is most welcoming, a low being 17 degrees Celsius, a high 25 degrees.

From tall mountains and deep gorges, to water-filled wadis, endless beaches and some of the world’s most stunning desert landscapes, Oman is the hidden jewel of the Arabian Peninsula.

It is the only country in the world composed mostly of oceanic crust and rocks that originate from the Earth’s mantle. Evidence of continental drift can be witnessed in many of the unusual rock formations and topography around Oman, including the coastline around Muscat.

Visitors looking for a unique holiday experience will find that Oman is the perfect travel destination.


Muscat has a wide array of hotel options, all of which can be easily booked on the official website of the World Veteran Championships

Visit the official website of the World Veteran Table Tennis Championships 2023 – Muscat, Oman 

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