11 Dec 2021

A good day for the leading names, a particularly good day for Chile; such was the outcome on Friday 10th December, as matters commenced in the ITTF Para Copa Costa Rica Bicentenario 2021.

Ailyn Espinosa alongside Manuel Echaveguren, Cristian Gonzalez, Vicente Leiva, Matias Pino, Maximiliano Rodriguez and José Vargas are all guaranteed a minimal bronze medal.

by Ian Marshall

In women’s singles class 8-10, Ailyn Espinosa, the no.2 seed, is through to the semi-finals where she meets Colombia’s Jessica Alzate; either Russia’s Anastasia Kostenevech, the top seed, or the host nation’s Jessica Alzate await in the final.

Progress for Ailyn Espinosa as status advised; for Vicente Leiva in men’s singles class 1-3, it was slightly different.

He finished in first place in his group ahead of Costa Rica’s Geovanni Rodriguez who now meets Great Britain’s Rob Davies, the top seed, in the penultimate round; Geovanni Rodriguez faces colleague Emmanuel Cespedes.

Potential finals

Possible final places beckon for Chile;  in men’s singles in class 4 and class 6-7, all Chilean finals are very much on the cards.

Cristian Gonzalez, the top seed, meets Great Britain’s Lee York; Maximiliano Rodriguez, the no.2 seed, confronts Guatemala’s Pedro Avendano to determine the class 4 finalists.

Similarly, in class 6-7, in the penultimate round Matias Pino, the top seed, opposes colleague Claudio Bahamodes; Ignacio Torres confronts Colombia’s José Vargas, the no.2 seed.

Meanwhile, in class 10, Manuel Echaveguren, the top seed, faces a semi-final engagement against Costa Rica’s José Quesada; in the adjacent half of the draw, it is El Salvador’s Melvin Muñoz, the no.2 seed, in opposition to Costa Rica’s Alejandro Herrera.

Notable performances

Worthy efforts from leading names; in women’s singles 3-5, organised on a group basis, the respective top two seeds, Colombia’s Nelly Sanchez and Cynthia Ranii of the United States ended the day unbeaten.

Likewise, in men’s singles class 5, also administered on the group formula; Ahad Sarand and Great Britain’s Daniel Bullen, the most prominent names, remained unbeaten.

Top spot for visitors; in men’s singles class 8, it was the same for the hosts.

Steven Roman, the top seed, advanced safely to the semi-final round where he meets Ecuador’s Paul Polo, the no.2 seed, who finished in second position in his group behind Great Britain’s Ryan Henry.
Awaiting Ryan Henry in the penultimate round is Marco Makkar of the United States.

Surprise outcome

A surprise second place for Paul Polo, in men’s singles class 9, it was an unexpected third position for Canada’s Asad Syed, the top seed.

He finished behind Puerto Rico’s Shaquille Rivera and Colombia’s Julian Chinchilla.

Shaquille Rivera now meets Jeriel Lopez, also from Puerto Rico; in the opposite half of the draw El Salvador’s Melvin Muñoz, the no.2 seed, confronts Costa Rica’s Alejandro Herrera.

Play in the men’s singles and women’s singles events concludes on Saturday 11th December, the day the team competition begins.

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